Which Are The Zodiac Signs Relationships That Are Not Meant To Last?

Taurus & Sagittarius

The driving wedge in the relationship between a Taurus and a Sagittarius will be their poles apart from nature. While the Taurus is all about stability in a relationship, the Sagittarius lives for spontaneity. This will create major trust issues like the constant threat of the Sagittarius making any impulsive moves will drive the Taurus crazy. The constant back-and-fro will make for a rough ride and going separate ways will be the only solution.

Cancer & Libra


The deal breaker in a relationship between a Cancer and a Libra will be their emotional quotient. The Cancer will look for constant emotional expressions of love which the Libra will not be able to do justice to because of their balanced nature. The Libra will not be able to fulfil the romantic notions of the Cancer, and it will become a burden too heavy to carry for both of them.

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