Which Are The Zodiac Signs Relationships That Are Not Meant To Last?

Zodiac signs that are not compatible to each other-Before we find the love of our life, we have to go through inevitable heartbreaks and failed relationships. Even if there is an immense amount of love in the relationship, sometimes it is not built to last. The fault may lie in your stars as some zodiac signs are not mean to be together.

Zodiac signs that are not compatible to each other

Gemini & Virgo

zodiac signs that are not compatible to each other

The relationship between a Virgo and a Gemini will fail to work because of their countless difference and disagreements. This would result in them not communicating their emotions to each other, one of the most important aspects of any relationship.


A Gemini loves to live life king-size without considering the consequences while a Virgo will never do something that is not realistic and practical. Even when it feels like they have conquered their differences, the disagreements will creep onto them until they realise that it is better to be apart.

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Leo & Scorpio

Both Leo & Scorpio thrive on physical intimacy and affection, but that will ultimately be their final straw. The continual need of the Leo to be the centre of attention in the relationship will make the Scorpio feel inadequate. This one-sided love affair in which only the Leo gets love while the Scorpio gets relegated to the background will not work for long and reach its true conclusion – a breakup.

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Capricorn & Aries

The start of a relationship between a Capricorn and an Aries might start with the best notes as it will look like that they are looking for the same things. But once they have settled down into the relationship, they will realise how incompatible they are due to their drastically different approach to life situations. Due to the indecisive nature of the Aries, the Capricorn will have a tough time as Capricorns are known for quick decisions. Eventually, this gap will be too wide to bridge, and a break up will be the only solution.

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