Your Guardian Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your guardian based on your zodiac sign-In most Christian faiths, they believe in angels that guard individuals day and night. These beings, according to them, watch over people and lend them a helping hand in times of danger. Many people all over the world believe this doctrine, but not all are aware that some teachings explain how these guardians differ from person to person. Apparently, your zodiac sign—determines what kind of angel guards over you. Below are the different zodiacs and the celestial beings that protect them.

Your Guardian Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Ariel

Your Guardian Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Ariel is the angel of Nature, and if you’re born on March 21 to April 19, they say that this angel is watching over you. You are, therefore, appreciative of God’s creation and are one with Nature. Your guardian connects you to your roots and will heal your broken soul.

Chamuel- Taurus

Taurus people have a calm and stubborn nature, but their Angel, Chamuel, is a peace guardian. Chamuel guides them to their achievement of inner peace and provides comfort in times of stress and anxiety.

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Gemini- Zadkiel

Geminis are gentle and compassionate creatures. That is because Zadkiel is the angel of forgiveness, giving them the kindness and compassion that urges them.

Cancer- Gabriel

Gabriel is the holder of strength. He guides cancer people through distressing times. In times of weakening power, Gabriel provides them with the will to be strong.

Leo- Raziel

With Raziel’s power of mystery, Leos are enigmatic and charming because of their mysterious nature. Raziel gives them hidden and higher wisdom.

Virgo- Metatron

Virgos have a strong inclination to be helpful. That’s because Metatron is an angel of healing that showers them with their compassionate traits.

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Libras delve into their peace of mind because their guardian is an angel of beauty. Jophiel bestows them with their powers of inner beauty and clarity.


Scorpios become dangerous if you mess with them. However, Jeremiel is merciful and supplies them with a forgiving attitude.


Sagittarius- Raguel

Raguel nurtures the Sagittarius people with the trust and loyalty that makes them the ideal friend. Not surprising considering Raguel is the angel of friendship and influences the ones he watches to be peace seekers.

Capricorn- Azrael

Being the angel of Death, Azrael may not seem appealing. However, he can also be the bringer of comfort that guides them through tough times.

Aquarius- Uriel

Urius is Aquarius’ go-to for inspiration. As an angel of wisdom and intellect, Urius also fuels their creative minds and souls.

Pisces- Sandalphon

Sandalphon is a messenger. Pisces people have Sandalphon to deliver their messages and to bless their wishes.


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