Your body language reveals about your relationship-When in love, we tend to portray our passion through various actions like hugging, kissing, sleeping together and many other acts which reveal a lot about our relationship.

Your body language reveals about your relationship

However, many of the couples out there must be unaware of the fact that apart from our actions, our body language also signifies a lot about our commitment to our partner.

Your body language reveals about your relationship


POSITIVE SIGNS – When we see our partner coming back home after a long and an exhausting day, we tend to run towards them to adore them with a welcome-back kiss. Our body represents the warmth by hugging the person we love.

NEGATIVE SIGNS– If your lips feel hard and stiff against the lips of your partner, then it may signify tension and stress prevailing in him or her. Moreover, if your chest becomes concave, that means your heart is pulling away from your partner.

THING TO PONDER OVER: Make sure that you establish a more attractive connection with your partner. Emphasize that the kiss with you share with your better half pours out the love you have inside for him or her and try to establish eye contact with them.


POSITIVE SIGNS: If you plan to have a dinner date tonight, then understand the body-language which will speak a lot about your relationship. If you maintain physical closeness, while on a dinner date, with your partner and acknowledge there presence with a sweet and a simple smile, then that is indeed, a good omen for your relationship. If you sit across your partner due to a small table, it may indicate intimacy!

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NEGATIVE SIGNS: Try being in synchronisation with your partner. Don’t create a situation where you’ve just started with your dinner, and your partner has completed half of their lunch. It may signal the lack of sign of a happy couple.

THING TO PONDER OVER: Try to make this dinner date extra special by portraying the love to your partner, at a restaurant, in a decent way! Go for an extra mile by generating the loving vibes around which will make it a memorable day for you and your partner, no matter what!


POSITIVE SIGN: Things change to a lot greater extent when a happy-go-lucky couple fights and when a not so happy-go-lucky couple fights. Even though their anger is on the ninth cloud, still the spark of their emotional feeling is still alive. They try making an eye-contact, and they don’t hesitate to face their torsos towards each other.

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NEGATIVE SIGNS: There can be times when your body signals something unexpected during a fight. Pay attention to them. For instance, if your partner turns away their body from you, stop paying any attention to whatever you are saying, or keep on rolling their eyes at you and gaze with anger, it may indicate that they aren’t much interested in whatever you say and, it won’t matter to them if the continues for a more extended period. The even worst situation is when your partner is not emotionally involved in the matter.

THINGS TO PONDER OVER: You can improve and escape from this arguments by indicating with your body-language that you care for your partner and will go beyond the limit to resolve the matter.  Try putting your arms around him or her and listening will all your ears so that your significant other doesn’t think that you are not listening to them. Try earning an eye-contact with your partner and, finish the argument as soon as possible. Make sure that it’s not YOU v/s YOUR PARTNER but YOU BOTH v/s THE PROBLEM.

It’s true that relationships do not work just like that. You have to put in some sincere efforts to make it work. Just like a lot of ingredients are required to make one perfect dish. Likewise, a lot of shots should be made to keep your relationship from breaking.

Wishing you a happy relationship, ahead!