Your Anxiety Holds The Functioning Of Your Actions

Your anxiety holds the functioning of your actions-We all know that today’s life is the life of stress and frustration. I have been a student of psychology, and I did diploma in Educational and Vocational Counselling, so I am totally into the stress and its factors.

Why I am telling you about my educational status, let me clear you about the same. The intention to tell you about the same is that I want to let you know about the types of stress.

People think that stress is something which is very negative. I do not deny for that, but there is something more which we should include in our thinking.


Will you please don’t mind if I say that sometimes stress is positive and necessary. Yes, it is and believes me if you do not so agree with me, you should go through what exactly I’m saying.

So I will tell you the types of stress. Stress is supposed to have two major parts, eustress and distress.

Eustress can be said as the positive stress as it is necessary for us to work properly. Let us make you understand with an example.

Suppose you have your examinations tomorrow, and you are worried about that so, what do you think about this? Are you thinking that it is not so important to be worried? No, it is not! It is very important for us if we want to be a healthy being because it motivates us to interact with the healthy actions. 

Now the second type of stress is distress which can be divided into two more parts further on the basis of eustress.

Don’t worry, I am telling you, so you need not be confused. Yeah, so how distress can be defined by eustress is that when you take tension more than need, it becomes distressed likewise when you do not take tension according to the need, this also becomes distressed.

All I need to tell about stress is to make you understand that our actions are bound to stress level. We can only behave normally only if we know to act under eustress.

Now you will be thinking why I am talking about stress so I should tell you that stress can make us do any task or to deny the same.

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Most of the times we are unable to realise but we are doing work due to stress. Sometimes we do work due to our anxiety. Maybe you are not getting what I’m saying, so I’ll let you know by some genuine examples.

Please pay attention here because you are going to be like,”Oh, it’s that man!” so let’s check it out.

Your anxiety holds the functioning of your actions

  • You do not want to interact with people

Your Anxiety Holds The Functioning Of Your Actions

This is the very first thing which you never realise that you are doing work under the pressure of your distress.

Sometimes you think that you are not going to interact with people because you are not so happy with them but it is not exactly what it is. 

Most of the times it is seen that we want to go to the party, but we decide not to go there because of our anxiety. The thing is different that we don’t realise about that but it doesn’t mean that we are free from that.

Now the point comes what should we do when we do not realise about our anxiety and we do not go in a party instead of wanting, so one thing we can do is that we should sit and think what exactly we want.

We should think about the party. All we can say is that we should think about the ongoing condition positively as we should think about the people who are about to come to the party and we are going to interact. This will help us to get rid of our anxiety.

  • You are unable to get rid of a simple thought

Sometimes you find your mind is caught between the thoughts about the event which had been passed a month or a week ago. You think continuously about that event, and you do efforts to get rid of that, but you can’t. Even you simply think about that still you are unable to do the same.

We can say that these thoughts are dominant on your mind and they are so with you that you are unable to be free from them.

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Do not think that you can’t find a solution for that because everything which is said as a problem has a solution.

If you are unable to free from such thoughts, simply you can express them. We recommend you to express them on the nonliving things like a little bit show your anger on them.

Make sure that you are using only those nonliving things which are not so useful otherwise we recommend you to go to a counsellor.

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  • Your sleeping schedule

Do you think that you are sleeping late and waking up early in the morning due to your lifestyle? If yes then you may have to suffer from a denying factor. 

We have to say that you are not making a proper question about you sleeping schedule as you are sleeping late and waking up at early in the morning. This is due to your anxiety instead of your lifestyle.

Again, the thing is different that you do not realise about your anxiety but it doesn’t mean that your lifestyle is not so good. The factor related to your lifestyle may be different but we are talking about your anxiety so make sure that you are going to get rid of this problem soon.

What you can do to get rid off of your bad sleeping schedule is that you should take proper rest.

Another thing you can take green tea before going to your bed so that you may have a proper sleeping schedule.

  • Your past is always with you

We are supposed to remember only those thoughts which are very good, and they do not hurt us. The thoughts which had been happened in our past and they are very painful and they are with us are a matter of being anxious.

Most of the times, it seemed that we are unable to get rid of our painful past due to our anxiety so the thing which we can do in regarding the solution is that we should live in the company of those people who are very positive and good.

  • You are worried about everyone

Due to your anxiety, your facilitation becomes strong. You think about the other people more. One thing always makes you worried is that you think that everyone is watching you and they are not thinking positively about you.

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Nothing which you can do to get rid of that you can simply begin to think about yourself only.

Whenever any thought comes to your mind about the other people, try to get rid off from that by thinking about yourself.

  • You want everything in a hurry

The biggest sign that you are not normal and you are under anxiety is that you begin to live in a hurry. You want everything in a hurry and if someone gives you a slow response you think that you have done something wrong.

We recommend you to go for the company of those people who are very positive and calm.

  • You got your perception negative about your future

In anxiety, you begin to think negatively about your future. You think that something is going to be wrong in your future which will hurt you. Believe us, this will only hurt you because your present regulates your future.

We advise you to read such stories and books which are motivational.

  • You are disappointed at your mistakes every time

Everyone makes mistakes, but the point is that how normally you take this universal fact! Most of the times, it is seen that people are unable to tolerate mistakes even of their own.

If you are disappointed at your mistakes every time, you should at once realise that you are under anxiety so the thing which you can do regarding the solution is that you should understand the reality of the word rather the fantasies.

  • You compare yourself to the others 

You should compare yourself only to those people who are equal to you like their strength and capacities are just similar to you.

If you compare yourself to those people whose capacities are larger than you, we recommend you to do realise that you are under anxiety so the thing you can do is that you should not do this because this will hurt you only.