Winter Hacks which will make your life go easy

5.  De-Icer at home

Prepare the de-icer by combining two quarters of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water and one teaspoon of dish detergent and say goodbye to the ice on your windows. 

6. A windshield de-fogger. 


Take a sock and put some odor-free kitty litter inside it and place it on your dashboard. This combination will help in absorbing the moisture present in the car and avoid the action of fogging up on the window making it easier to drive through. 

7. Fan-hack

Just move your fan counterclockwise, and instead of the warm air rising, it pushes the warm air downwards thereby helping you as a friend in winter as well. 

8. Hat-hair and dry shampoo

It’s pathetic that once you remove your hat, your hair is not-so-normal. But, all you need to do is just spray some dry shampoo on your hair and, get your normal hair and enjoy any hat during the peak winters. 

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