What Do Your Palm Lines Symbolise About Your Love Life?

Palmistry is an intriguing study of palm lines to predict your future. An ancient art that is hard to master, it has enthralled people all over the world as they flock palm readers to tell them where their future lies. As love is a very important part of the life, no wonder the palmists get the most requests from people asking about their love life and their life partner.

Locate The Love Line

Before making any predictions about love and marriage, it is crucial to know which palm life pertains to these. Called the heart line or love line, it goes from the outer edge of the palm at the side of the little finger to the space between the middle and the index finger of the hand.


The Lines On Both The Palms Are At The Same Height

It is considered to be very fortunate if the heart lines of the left hand and the right hand are at the same height and align perfectly. This symbolises that your life partner will get the blessings of everyone around you. A gentle, mild-mannered person, you will take sensible decisions regarding your marriage in accordance with everyone. Some even say that this means your partner will be really gorgeous!

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