Want perfect eyelashes? Try these easy hacks!!

Every woman dreams of having perfect eyelashes. Yet, only some of them know how to go about it. If you’re also wondering how the actresses in movies have just the perfect eyelashes, Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to tell you the secrets to attain those perfect lashes!!

The key cosmetic you’ll require is Mascara! Mascara is a product that works wonders on your lashes! It is used to make the lashes darker, thicker and more voluminous but only if you know how to use it in the right manner.

So, use these tips to apply your mascara perfectly, and in no time!Let’s get started!!


1. To curl your eyelashes in a better way, and to make sure it lasts longer, heat up your eyelash curler using a hairdryer. Before using it, make sure it has cooled downed a bit.


2. To intensify your lashes, try using the curler upside down as well. See the picture for reference!


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3. For fuller lashes, Just dust some baby powder over your lashes while you’re applying your mascara.


4. If you’re fed up of smudging mascara, just hold a spoon as shown in the picture when you apply mascara on your lower lashes.


5. For a more natural look, apply mascara vertically and for thickness, apply mascara horizontally!


6. Another tip for getting fuller lashes is coating both sides of your lash with mascara.


7. For long lasting curl, apply a thick coat of mascara on the base of your lashes and lighter coats on the outer ends. Apply mascara by wiggling the mascara brush.


8. For long lasting mascara, apply first coat with a regular one and second coat with a waterproof one.!


9. Remove the excess mascara on the brush by dabbing the brush on a tissue before applying mascara. This will prevent mascara from clumping on your eyes.


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10. Bend your mascara brush a bit for better application on your lashes!


11. You can renew you dried out mascara! Just add a few drops of saline solution to it. This will smoothen your mascara. Just make sure your mascara is not expired!


12. This is a pro tip to remove the mascara smudges from your eyelids. Let your mascara dry completely and then rub a cotton bud gently over it to remove the smudges. Do not do this while your mascara is still wet.