Useful tips to prevent heel and foot pain.

It is rightly said that pretty hurts. Women have always put their looks ahead of their comfort. To look beautiful, they have always endured an immense amount of pain. The best example one can give in this regard is that of high heels. There is something so irresistible about high heels that women ignore the pain of walking in them completely!

Though high heels look super sexy, they cause a lot of damage to our feet. They may be the reason for Heel pain, blisters, corns, pinched nerves, ingrown toenails, and many more serious problems.

Tips to ease your heel and foot pain.

Following are some of the best tips that will ease your foot pain:

Take ample rest: There can be no substitute for taking proper rest. Whenever you feel that your feet are hurting, take some rest. Discontinue any activity that will cause further discomfort to your feet. The more rest you take, the better it is for your feet.

Use ice packs: You can use ice packs to ease your foot pain. But do not apply ice directly to your skin. Instead, use a towel or an ice bag. Do not do this for more than 20 minutes.

Exercise: Take medical approval to do exercise especially meant to heal foot pain. Exercise will make you feel better in no time.

Shoe inserts: The readily available shoe inserts enable patients to continue their routine activities without heel pain. Make sure to use them.

Wear shoes which have cushioned soles: This will prevent you from getting foot ache. Cushioned shoes provide you the utmost comfort.

Say no to high heels.

Choose the correct size: You shoe always choose those shoes that fit you well. Do not go for shoes which are too tight.

Wear shoes with a slightly larger toe box to avoid any problems related to toenails.

Follow the above steps to bid adieu to your foot and heel pain!

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