Check Out How Along With SpongeBob SquarePants And Gary You Can Too Stay In The Under Sea Pineapple House

Under Sea Pineapple House-The Pineapple house is the place where SpongeBob SquarePants and his snail Gary live in. The pineapple house is of three storey and well-furnished. At first, the house appears in the episode “Help Wanted.” The pineapple itself first originates from the land and then becomes the habitat of organisms. But do you know, now people can also make a stay in such pineapple houses? It might be a dream for the number of people but don’t worry it can come true now. It has two bedrooms, and three bath pineapple features all with the modern amenities and the luxurious living. It is a unique place that one should visit at least once.

Under Sea Pineapple House

1. There Is A Pineapple

Under Sea Pineapple House

Well, yet now we have seen SpongeBob and SquarePants staying in the pineapple. Now you will get shocked to know that we too can stay in the pineapple. Is not it okay to listen? It will blow away your mind. For this technique, we will give a big thanks to Nickelodeon and Nick Resort Punta Cana. Now you can stay in SpongeBob themed pineapple for the affordable price of $3800 for one night.

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2. Gary Is Even There

It is the inside view of the Pineapple house. It will give you a lot of details about SpongeBob including many life-size replicas of the life of SpongeBob. Gary is SpongeBob’s replica.

3. Krabby Patties, Anyone?

There are many things right about the house. Whenever you want the service of Krabby Patties from the butler, then you can ask for it, and the butler will immediately provide you anytime you want. It is like a dream becoming true. I know you must have always dreamt for the Krabby Patty.

4. 24-Hour Room Service

It is the best thing that someone would like to have always. 24 hours room service is the dream of millions of people. Along with the service, they would want to have an infinity pool, and it is true that the management would make $4000 in just one night. The prices are worth according to work.

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5. Gary

And now again we are going to talk about Gary (replica of SpongeBob). In this situation, it matters a lot to talk about Gary. He is an adorable guy as we see in the above picture.

6. Themed Rooms

The villa consists of a single room with two-bedroom. The bedroom gives the feeling of the stay as in the sea. The room is decorated with the proper theme of the SpongeBob. The life seems very colourful as we stay in this place in the beautiful colour theme. They are SpongeBob like colours.

7. The Master Bedroom

And this one is the master bedroom of the pineapple house which we see in the above photograph. One would turn their face into the heart-eye emoji after visiting the place. It is a perfect place to live in and enjoy the vacations. But along with that one may choose it as the best honeymoon site for the couple.

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8. That Pineapple Though

The coolest part is the exterior of the house. The house needs to be built elsewhere in the world. There may be anyone who would like to stay in such dwellings but it like a dream to other people.

9. Gorgeous

Nick Resort Punta Cana is the one who knew that what he is trying to do in reality. He wanted to increase the number of fans of the SpongeBob through these houses and so he is building such.

10. Book Your Stay, ASAP

Well, at last, we would also like to thank the Nickelodeon for creating the excitement in our minds regarding SpongeBob. We would be happy see stay at least one night in the house and feel the dreamy world come true. Well, the channel and the cartoon got advertised with the help of these houses.

One should make the special visit to the pineapple house.


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