12 types of men you should totally avoid dating.

Types of men you should not date-There may be some women out there who are facing serious issues in their relationships just because they are with the wrong partner.You might have a habit of choosing your partner on the basis of his physical appearance rather than his behavior and routine habits. And this is the main cause of all the problems that you are going to face in your relationship with him. So, to make your lives easier, here are the 12 types of men you should completely avoid dating to keep away from any future problems.

Types of men you should not date

1) The one who fears Commitment
Though some men may be physically attractive, they lack true commitment in a relationship. So keep the look aside for a while and check whether that man is ready for commitment or not.

12 Types of men you should not date


2) Stinky men
Needless to say, unpleasant or foul smelling men should totally be done away with!

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3) Selfish guy
These types of men you should not date. Your man should indulge in a kind of love that is selfless. If he is selfish, then your relationship with him is not going to last long! So, avoid selfish men.

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4) Careless and irresponsible men
Careless and irresponsible men are not capable enough to assume their own responsibilities.Such men are unbothered, and so you should avoid dating them.

5) The faker
The men who fake are likely to cheat on you. So beware not to date one of them!

6) The unsociable person

such men are not so friendly and are busy in their own world. They are not the right type of person for you.

7) The Jerk
Such men consider themselves to be superior to women.They pretend to be the boss. You obviously don’t want such kind of people in your life so, avoid them.

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8) The F*ck Boy
Such men are just concerned about the physical relationship. They will never be ready for a long-term commitment and might leave you anytime soon.

9) Childish Men
These type of men are immature. While they are able to make you laugh, they are not the right kind of people when it comes to being in a relationship and assuming responsibilities.They have a childish behaviour.

10) The Desperate men!
You can easily come to know when a person is desperate. Avoid desperate men Because desperation is far different than attraction.

11) Mr Holmes type
These are the guys who consider themselves to be more brainy and intelligent than others. They like to show-off their knowledge. They always try to make themselves feel superior by bringing others down.

12) Married men
These are the type of men who can’t be trusted even one percent. They are most likely to cheat on you.