Tutorial to double winged eyeliner.

Every girl wants to look beautiful. To enhance their natural beauty, girls make use of makeup. When we talk about experimenting with makeup, there’s also the most scope while working on your eyes. From different shades of eyeshadows, mixing and matching them, to applying different styles of eyeliners.

Here we’re sharing with you a step by step tutorial to double winged eyeliner. Try it and go bold.

The magnificent double winged eyeliner.

In order to make their eyes look beautiful, many women take the help of cosmetic surgery. But, are these surgeries really worth it? We believe not. Try this double winged eyeliner and add a touch of magnificence to your eyes.


First of all, line your lower lash line and create an extended wing. Similarly, line your upper lash line and create a wing on the above line of the eye just as you did with the lower one. You may close your eyes a bit to make this step easier for you.

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Make sure that both the wings are equal in length.

You should start from the inner corner of the eye and work your way outwards.

Here you go! You’ve achieved the perfect double winged eyeliner.

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