Try this new DIY Coffee Scrub to Fix Dry, Rough, And Cracked Feet!

Hey there ladies,

Cracked feet can be a super irritating to bear, with the dry feet developing cracks every passing season. So, an excellent foot scrub can soothe and provide relief to keep your feet soft and smooth. Don’t worry though; there’s a solution to every problem, read along to find out more about it! Surf through this to find a remedy that is bound to help you and your beautiful feet.

You would just need:

• Coconut oil
• Coffee powder
• A mild shampoo
• A bowl
• Measuring spoons
• Water
• A spoon or spatula


First Step:

Add one teaspoon of instant coffee powder to an empty bowl. You can choose to increase or decrease as per your requirement.

Second Step:

In the next step, add two teaspoons of water into it. Make sure it’s adjusted according to the quantity of the coffee as not to make it runny.

Third Step:

Then add a zing of some coconut oil to it.

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Fourth Step:

Then add a small amount of shampoo and stir all the ingredients well.


How to apply:

Then all you have to do is use the scrub on your feet. You don’t even have to dampen your feet as it already contains water and is not harsh on the skin. You can prefer to use foot filer to scrub your feet as it can adequately discard the dirt and harshness or you can just use your bare hands. If you use this solution regularly, you can acquire soft and smooth skin.

What are the benefits of the ingredients involved?

• Coffee: Coffee is a natural exfoliant, it is rich in anti-oxidants, and hence, it heals and repairs skin efficiently. It helps the skin to feel and look fresh by making them soft and smooth.
• Coconut oil: Coconut helps nourish the skin and also repairs all kinds of dryness in a whiz. It helps to remove the dull and rough surface of the skin and regenerates the health of the skin as well.
• Mild shampoo: The gentle shampoo helps to cleanse the skin and prevents it from getting damaged.

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I hope this remedy helped you to transform your rough feet into healthy and soft ones.