Find Out Some Tricks With The Help Of A Former FBI Agent On Becoming Attractive

Tricks from a former FBI agent to become attractive-The title may sound a little fishy but read on to explore more. Attractiveness is not just about external beauty but is also based on your behaviours and gestures.

‘The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting and Winning People Over’ by Dr Jack Schafer who is a former Fbi agent and will not fail your expectations with his book. He writes about the formula for friendship and the laws of attractiveness that will surely teach you to establish strong relationships.

His methods have been successfully used by the American intelligence services for twenty years and have recently become public. I am going to introduce you to a list of tricks that will surely work effectively in your daily life.


At the end of the article, you are going to find out the formula for friendship developed by this special agent which clearly explains how relationships work, how they are formed between different people, and how to make the bond even stronger.

Tricks From a Former FBI Agent To Become Attractive

Start with bending your head to the side.

Tricks From a Former FBI Agent to Become Attractive

Have you ever noticed that women bend their head to the side more often than men? This inclination of your head is nothing but a kind gesture that will develop trust in your acquaintances. So the next time you try to make a conversation sure to send the right signals.

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Playing with facial expressions.

Raising eyebrows is a good sign for your brain as it does not show any aggressiveness. Our brain perceives this signal to be pleasant. So maybe use it more often?

Eyes can also smile

Our brain can differentiate a sincere smile from a plastered one. When it does recognise it to be genuine, it starts producing endorphins that make you feel joyous. Such a pleasant experience will give way to more conversations. So catch that special someone with a charming smile of your eyes. With a sincere smile, small wrinkles appear around your eyes, the cheekbones and corners of your mouth move upwards. Do not try to be fake with this little trick. *smiles*

Replace the phrase “You are welcome!” with a better alternative

“You’re welcome” can be well replaced by, “I think you would have done the same if you were me”.  Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? It can be a good conversation maker also. So do try to add it in your communication.

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A shift to a whisper, emphasize without a reason.

This is one of the best tricks from a former FBI agent to become attractive. Whispering is perceived to be an intimate gesture. Whispering certain phrases in the middle of a conversation seems to be a kind of friendly signal. Lean slightly towards the person you are talking to as if sharing a secret. Give a little bit of yourself in these whispers to the other person and make your relationship more intimate.

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The formula for friendship formed by an FBI agent

Do you want to get closer to a person you like? Or is it just your boss that you do not click with? The friendship formula is here to solve all your miseries.

  • Proximity, the psychological distance between people.

Proximity is a feeling of comfort and safety in a communication. Try your level best to know the other person without violating their personal space and break the barriers that do not allow you a good, real conversation with someone.

  • Frequency is the number of interactions.

The more time you spend together, the more you share your thoughts and feelings, and then there is a chance for you to get closer to that person.

  • The duration is inversely proportional to the frequency.

If you are often together with a person, then the meetings gradually become less frequent. On the contrary, if you meet someone rarely, the duration and even the significance of the meeting enhances.

  • Intensity is the ability to satisfy the needs of another person.

The more you fulfil the needs of each other, the more you can enjoy one’s company.  This is the part where common interests play an important role.

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How did you like the journey of this article? Is there a someone special whose presence will change everything in the right direction in your life? Follow the tricks, and maybe that person is waiting for you too.



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