This Vlogger waxing her nose hair will make you scream out loud!!

There’s nothing new about women getting rid of the hair present on specific parts of their body like upper lips, armpits and extra hair on eyebrows. To adopt methods like waxing and shaving for getting rid of the unwanted hair. Waxing is generally preferred over shaving because waxing lasts longer. But, waxing hurts more than anything else in the world. In that too, removing hair from upper lips and eyebrows is still manageable but imagine yourself removing hair from sensitive areas like your nose. Did the mere thought of it made you scream??

In this youtube video, you’ll see a vlogger and makeup artist waxing her nose hair. It is done with the help of a thin wood stick with wax. This wax stick is placed inside the nostrils in a manner that it covers only the outer area. It does not go all the way in and remains only at the edge. Nose waxing removes only a few hair from the outer area of the nose. Rest of them remain as they are because nostrils hair serves many functions like preventing dust and dirt from getting in.  Individuals should be careful while going through nose waxing as you can get burned which will cause extreme pain. You can also get scars if you don’t pay extra attention. You may also try a few easier options for removing nostril hair like trimming them a little bit. Dermatologists do not favor nose waxing because as said earlier, nostril hair plays an important role in keeping the dust away from our lungs. Moreover, nose waxing could harm the sensitive skin present in our nose.

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