Things You Need to Throw Away Weekly Without Any Second Thoughts!

Things you should throw away weekly-There is a lot of stuff at your home that you need to get rid of on a weekly basis. Do not wait for New Years or a particular appointed date to get away from some of the kinds of stuff which are going to be listed below. If you are tired of unnecessary things taking up all your place in your house, then you can get even more advantage out of it. There will be more room for your essentials rather than the mess piling up which is of no use. So get ready to take down notes and get rid of the listed things once every week.

Things you should throw away weekly

Papers, packages, press

Okay, so you do not need to dump all your documents because you may need that degree for getting so and so job. But there should be proper separate folders for each kind of important papers that you are going to need in the future. However, press, promotional leaflets, cardboard boxes or packages do not belong to these folders and believe me you are not going to use them anytime possible. So you need to whip these materials out quickly and rest them at their deemed place, a garbage can. Give that magazine to someone else after you are done with the reading. Throw away the newspapers and promotional pieces of papers.


Empty boxes and jars

I do not know if this is remotely an Indian thing to savour all the darn empty boxes and jars because you “may need them in future”. I do not know for what, but I do know that I need those boxes in my life. This is not true. Part ways with that pretty perfume bottle which you are left with after consuming its contents. Get rid of that cream jar after it goes empty. Trust me you are not going to use it.

Withered flowers

Common sense is not so common these days. If you are gifted a bouquet of flowers, and you want to leave it in your living room for a day or two, then it is okay. But what is not fine is if you keep that bouquet as a souvenir forever, because guess what withered flowers do not increase the beauty of your room which was its primary purpose and kind of have a negative vibe about them. So yeah, keep the flowers as long as they are fresh and get rid of them when they start to wither.


Old clothes

Every week give your wardrobe a little inspection and check if there are items that are of no use and only take up the place. Socks with holes, tees with stains that do not come off, washed out towels, socks with no pair or clothes that do not fit you anymore, do not need to sit in your wardrobe taking up all the room there is. So get rid of those clothing materials that cannot be mended and use up the place for necessary objects. Side note: Do not turn clothes into dusters as they do not really clean well.

Cosmetics and fashion jewellery

Check your cosmetic products regularly to look out for outdated products that will be not only useless but also harmful for you after their application. Some examples of these products are- a pencil without a cap, dried out mascara or nail polishes, spilt powder, etc. The same goes for accessories; if you have only one piece of an earring made out of precious material, then take it to the jeweller or order the pair. If, however, it is not made out of any expensive material, you may as well just get rid of it. Watches that do not work and are lying in your drawer for ages need to be thrown away.

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Many of you guys may be struggling to handle or even find out when required, certain things like two pair of scissors, another two pairs of earphones, numerous cables, taking up all the room there is in your house. Make place only for what is needed and throw things like these away. If you do not want to throw them away, then sell these or maybe just give it to your friend in need. There is no place for duplicates in your home.

Emails and social network messages

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Yes, like your home your devices also need some regular cleaning. Make a routine to look through your emails and messages regularly and get rid of any spam and unrequired messages. Delete the images that are unnecessary. There is another excellent way to keep the important files, that is to store them on the Cloud so that they do not take up space on the computer. This is how you can save what is important and get rid of data that is useless.

Expired Medication

This really has to form a part of your schedules. Save yourselves from the harmful side effects of the expired medicines by giving them a quick check. You are not going to use those medicines “just in case”, so quit the crap and throw it away.

Old grocery bags

Things you should throw away weekly

The old grocery bags and all those plastic bags from shopping need to get in the trash as fast as possible.

Old bills and receipts

Things you should throw away weekly

If some of these bills are important, then you need to secure them in a folder. Do not leave them lying around the whole house and then when you need them, they’re gone. Do not go overboard and save every unnecessary bill and receipt. You can also scan important receipts with your phone on Google Drive.

So did you also allow all these items to take up the necessary place which could be otherwise used for saving something essential? Do not worry now, because you have a list of all the unwanted things that need to go away from your house on a weekly basis. Get ready to store only that what is important and get rid of the rest. What all items do you still have in your house from the above list? If you have anything to add to the list, then get on with it in the comments section.