Fifteen Things Should Not Be Doing

Things you should never do in a relationship-It’s natural to wish for a perfect relationship. It’s not wrong to look for your dream guy. If you don’t set any standards or ideals, it may lead to weak choices regarding companions. On the other hand, if you’re already seeing someone, you should not be complacent yet. Although we encourage that you focus on the positive things, there are still things you should look out for that screams, “Yikes!”

Just to give you a heads up; you’ll never entirely know someone until you’ve settled down together. Some people don’t reveal they’re true selves until months or years after marriage. How do you know if he’s the right guy to marry? Well, we’re here to help you with that. We’ve listed down fifteen things that your man should not be doing to you.

For example, being overly jealous. It’s natural for your partner to get protective because he cares for you. Jealousy is also understandable in most cases, but if he gets that way over nothing and prohibits you from seeing your friends, then that guy’s a tyrant and not your lover.


Things you should never do in a relationship

Things you should never do in a relationship

Sign Number One: He Doesn’t Let You Meet Up With Your Friends

If he restricts you from seeing other people other than him, especially your friends, then it may be time to find someone else. I mean, seriously? He’s not your dad, and you’re not five years old. Everyone needs their personal space and time, and you have the right to enjoy with your friends.

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Sign Number Two: He Always Wants You To Look The Way He Wants

Don’t wear that! Wear this! Wear your hair like that! No, not those shoes! Okay, make him stop already. If he dictates what you should and should not look like, then you’re better off without him. You should always be yourself and go with whatever style you love and are comfortable with.

Sign Number Three: A Bad Temper

Think twice about marrying a guy with a horrible temper. When he gets angry over nothing and hurts you physically, verbally or emotionally, it’s best to call it quits.

Sign Number Four: Lack of Interest

Everyone is passionate about something, and you deserve someone who will support you in your hobbies and your dreams. A man who isn’t interested in knowing about his girl’s aspirations and passions is not worth your time.

Sign Number Five: He Doesn’t Like Your Friends and Family

He has to know that your life does not consist of him alone. Before you even met, you had your friends and family by your side. So dating a guy who is rude to the other people you care about may lead to a very toxic relationship.

Sign Number Six: No Friends

Yay! More time to spend with me! Not really. In some cases, lack of friends may suggest being introverted or extremely shy. In that context, it’s okay because you’re helping him come out of his shell. However, if the reason is that of his attitude or other issues, maybe it’s best to think twice.

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Sign Number Seven: He Humiliates You

Having a good laugh with your partner is very important. But if he embarrasses you in front of people, that’s not okay. You need to stand up for yourself and leave him.


Sign Number Eight: Control Freak

He can’t dictate what you should and should not do. He doesn’t need to control your actions, your decisions, and how you spend your time. Granted, you need to spend time with your partner, but to impose restrictions on you is crossing the line.

Sign Number Nine: Watches Porn Instead of Spending Time With You

It’s a dangerous problem if he always chooses porn instead of spending time with you.

Sign Number Ten: Lies, lies, lies

Honesty is vital in any relationship. Both parties must always tell the truth and, as much as possible, stay faithful to their promises. But if your boyfriend keeps lying about even the littlest things, you should not tolerate it.


Sign Number Eleven: No Respect

You’ll get to know more about a person when you see how they treat their families and friends. If he’s rude and doesn’t respect his parents and other members of his family, there’s a big chance that he’ll treat you the same way.

Sign Number Twelve: Respect is Key

Again, being respectful is an essential quality if you’re looking for someone to be with. Showing respect does not only apply to family and friends but other people as well, such as service staff, and even strangers. If he’s disrespectful to others, then it won’t be long until he disrespects you too.

Sign Number Thirteen: Moral or Physical Humiliation

Never let anyone dull your sparkle, as they say. More importantly, if someone, even your partner, brings you down with physical or verbal abuse, it’s best to get off those people from your life.

Sign Number Fourteen: It’s All in the Past

If he’s still hung up on his ex, maybe you should start thinking about the sincerity of his words and actions. Is he only dating you to forget the past or is he genuinely into you?

Sign Number Fifteen: Something Feels Off

If unconsciously, you feel that there’s something wrong about your choice of partner, maybe you should listen to your inner thoughts. Usually, your instincts are right.