These Are The 15 Signs That Tell You Are Having Too Much Sugar

  1. Effect Of Sugar On The Brain

Consuming sugar gives us an endorphin rush as it stimulates the pleasure sensors in our brain. Consuming a lot of sugar makes our brain crave it even more and makes it tough to break the toxic cycle.

  1. Sugar Rush

Sugar rush refers to the sudden spike in the blood sugar levels after the consumption of syrups, candies, and table sugar. This happens due to the quick conversion of sugar into glucose in the bloodstream. This does not happen when you partake fruits or vegetables as they also contain fibre and protein to slow down the process.

  1. Sugar Crash

Sugar crash happens after you get a sugar high when the converted glucose moves out of the bloodstream into the cells for energy. This requires the production of insulin by the pancreas and leaves you feeling tired. The body craves more sugar to gain the sugar rush.

  1. A Constant Craving For Sugar

Once the body gets into a sugar rush and then a sugar crash, it starts craving for sugar constantly. As we already intake so much of sugar, we do not realise that these cravings are withdrawals in disguise.

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