The gorgeous 4-strand Braid tutorial.

The 4-strand braid which is also called  Celtic Knot braid is in vogue in today’s fashion world. It may seem to be sophisticated, but in reality, it indeed is super easy! You’ll master it if you try doing it 3-4 times. If you wish to flaunt your long hair, this is just the right thing to do. You can try this super easy yet sophisticated looking braid with just a little practice! So let’s start.

Follow these easy steps:

Your hair should be dehydrated! Brush your hair and pull them to one side neatly.


Start braiding your hair as shown below

Now, start braiding your hair. Divide your hair into four equal parts. Name these strands 1 to 4, beginning with the farthest strand which is at the extreme corner. Cross strand number 1 over 2 and 3 over 4 and then 4 over 1. Then again number the strands and repeat this process until you reach the end. Secure your hair with an elastic band!

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Lastly, Flatten the braid

Flatten the braid for a cleaner look. After you’re done, use some hairspray. You’re right to go!