Symptoms for presence of excessive estrogen in a women’s body

Symptoms of high estrogen in women-Estrogen is a hormone present in a woman’s that usually reduces as a woman reaches her menopause. Another hormone is progesterone, but here we are going to talk about estrogen and how it affects our body.

If estrogen level is deficient, it may lead to an imbalance which causes skin diseases, mental dysfunction and much more. That is why after menopause women develop more wrinkles, start having mood swings and also lose the density of their bones.

Symptoms of high estrogen in women

Symptoms of high estrogen in women

Much like the deficiency in menopause, the excess of estrogen in the earlier stages can also have various side effects in the body. Women who don’t take a controlled amount of birth control pills, who have diabetes, or suffer from hypertension are prone to have an excess of estrogen in their body. One might wonder what the effects of excess estrogen in the body are. Despite having short-term effects like mood swings, weight gain, etc., there is also a chance to develop breast cancer in the long run. So here we are going to look into some symptoms that will help us to know if someone has an excess of estrogen in their body.

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# Excessive weight

People with an excess of estrogen mostly develop fats on their hips.

#lumps development in breasts

New lumps may be observed in a woman’s breasts if she has a surplus of estrogen in her body. Not to worry though, because most lumps are non-cancerous.

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#pre-period headaches

Women develop headaches just a few days before their periods, but if there is a higher amount of estrogen in the body then the intensity of the headache increases.

#heavy bleeding

When there is more than usual bleeding during a woman’s period, it is a sign of excess estrogen in her body.


Woman with too much estrogen tends to get depressed easily on small things and for more extended periods. The mental functions get disoriented.

#PMS symptoms worsen

A woman feels a series of signs before her period, and if there is a sudden increase in such symptoms, it may be due to increasing amount of estrogen in the body.

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