Strict Rules Of Japanese Schools That Americans Can Never Introduce In Their Dictionary Of Rules

Strict rules in japanese schools-What we people generally experience in the schools is that the teachers are partial with some of the students while they are cruel to someone they did not like. But do you know there is one country in the world where there is no difference made in between the students, and they are equal to the teachers and students themselves feel equality with each other? And the country in Japan. Here are some of the difference that a regular school students face but not in Japan.

Strict rules in japanese schools

1. Cultural Differences

strict rules in japanese schools

Japanese feel having fun in the school, and they love it. There is one vending machine in the school where anyone can find anything that they want. It is the beautiful land of the planet. There is no discrimination by culture. People are free to buy the things according to their choice through the machine. No one is going to ask them anything. But now we need to know what about the schools of Japan.


2. School Rules

Japanese schools aim to produce intelligent students in the school. They want intelligence in mathematics and in that they are perfect. There are some strict rules in the school in most of the places in Japan. The set of rules are very different from the other ordinary and high schools. If you want the gym classes in the school, then you can get those in the Japanese schools. Try the one on for the sizes.


3. Substitute Teacher

Think that you are going to get the one substitute teacher for you and the teacher is going to enjoy the whole with you by watching movies and eating your favourite things. You would feel lucky to have them. But not only in Japan, but you can also get in anywhere and change the school type. If a teacher is calling the students for being back to their routine, then they should know how they should go back to their originality and also understand the importance of study along with the fun. Teachers also come back to their right work.

4. Clean Up

Yes, it is true that we people have the janitors in our school and we do not care if we are throwing things on the floor and make it dirty. We never thought of keeping a place clean. But in the schools of Japan, there are no janitors and teachers and students themselves clean the school and clean the board. Students are aware of keeping their schools clean as they know if they make it dirty then they will have to pick it up to clean. They know their moral duties.


5. Saturday School

Saturdays are also the working days for teachers and students in the regular school. But in Japan at least once in a month, the schools are open. The government has also announced many laws to keep Saturday off but they failed, and for kids, it is always working.

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6. School Uniforms

We see that the public school students don’t have any uniform and private schools have. Private school uniform is coloured one, and if we visit some schools in Japan, then we will notice that the girls wear pleated skirts with a tailored blouse and the jackets.

7. Summer Break

In other parts of the world we see that students get holidays for summer for at least two months but in Japan, they reach for only five weeks, and after that, they are exactly back to their work from where they left. There is no argument and no excuses. The break should not be and how much you will get is enough and thanks to the management of the school for giving you vacations. Japanese student also gets a lot of work to do.


8. Sasumata

Sasumata is not the delicious oranges here. Here it is the long aluminium pole with many prongs attached to it. It is best to use against someone in the classroom who is intruding. Teachers and students collectively work with it in order to teach other students. We do think that it is like a gym class for the students. Well, its good that student will get gym class if they are not going on a regular basis.