Some of the easiest Manicure tips for cool and funky nails.

Hello ladies!

I’m sure that most of you love doing your nails yourself or getting your nails done at a parlor or doing literally anything that has to do with nails really. And while we do it for ourselves, many people believe that we do that to please men! Little do they know that it pleases us more than it pleases the men. We do it because we like seeing our nails in a proper condition not just in a party of some other function but at any point of time in general.


Now, all of us would want to be able to go to the salon and get our nails done every time they need a polish. But, unfortunately, every one of us cannot afford to go for weekly manicures just to make sure that our nails are in good condition. Monthly manicures can be no substitute for weekly manicures as our nails require just as much care as any other part of our body.So we have to find a way out to do that. The Internet is the best way of searching for new methods for long and strong nails, new shades of nail polish, new kinds of nail art to try on, and new accessories to apply and what not!

Undoubtedly, we love browsing the Internet for new ideas to try out. But the real question is, are you able to follow what you see on the internet as it is? The answer to this is sure no! That’s because It looks so easy when someone else is doing it, but when we ourselves try it out, the result is nowhere close to what we saw online. If you are sick and tired of this happening to you over and over again, we are here to your rescue. We have brought you some of the easiest manicure tips and tricks through which you can achieve perfect nails every time. And trust me, they are just as easy as they look. You’ll not regret giving your time to these tips because the outcome will be exactly what you’ll see in the pictures below! So, let’s get started!

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1. The basic manicure kit

Just as every artist needs his tools, you too are going to need yours. Oh, and did I mention that you are an artist too? So, here  is everything that you are going to need:

2. Find out the shape of your nails.

You should first pay attention to the natural shape of your nails and then only proceed to filing your nails in the particular shape that you want.This is because Not every kind of nail can be filed into every shape. For instance, if you have square-shaped nails, you can’t achieve the coffin shape without heavily damaging your nail.Now, obviously, you will not want to damage your nails to that extent.So, choose wisely and Once you’ve chosen the shape which you like best and which also fits your nails, get a good nail file and shape your nails as desired.

3. Homemade remover.

If you do not have a nail polish remover, do not worry! Make a mixture using white vinegar, alcohol, and some lemon. This will act as your magical Homemade nail polish remover!

Easy step by step tutorial for a bold party look.!

4. The correct way of removing nail polish.

What if I tell you that you have been removing your nail polish in the wrong manner all this time? Yes! That’s right. Many of us probably don’t know the correct way of removing their nail polish. But that is nothing to worry about. Today we will acquaint you with the whole process.All you need is a small container and some sponge. Stuff the sponge inside and make sure to leave a hole in the middle. Pour some nail polish remover onto the sponge and stick your finger in the middle. Twist it a few times, and that’s all! When you take your finger out, the nail polish will be gone! This is particularly useful for darker shades of polish.

5. Dealing with gel nail polish.

To get rid of the stubborn gel nail polish, Get some gauze and soak it in acetone. Wrap the gauze around your nails and cover it with some tin foil to keep it in place. After five minutes remove it. Your nail polish will disappear magically!

6. Perfectly polished nails.

To avoid getting nail polish all over your fingers, apply a light coat of Vaseline around your nails. Then use the nail polish on your nails, and remove the excess from your fingers with a cotton swab. It will come out easily.

7. Perfect painting

This is the correct way to apply nail polish to your nails.

8. Hygiene is the key to strong nails.

Before every use make sure to clean and sterilize your manicure tools.

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9. Maintain your nails

Manicures and pedicures are a must! If you can afford to get that frequently done at parlors, you can do it yourself.

10. Ombre Manicure

If you are fond of shading, try this ombre manicure!


11. Homemade matte nail polish

You can make your regular polish look matte with some cornstarch! And you can thank us later!

12. Half shiny half matte.

You can even rock this Half shiny, half matte look.

13. Use tapes.

You can experiment endlessly. Just use some tiny tapes and create different colorful patterns.

14. Mix and match.

You can get a gradient effect by Adding some white polish for the first nail, some more for the second, even more for the third, and so on.

15. Special tools

Look what a fan brush could do to your nails!!

16. Try the French manicure.

Try doing the french manicure using some scotch tape.

17. Scribble, scribble

Use a Sharpie to get nails like never before!

18. All that glitters… is in fact gold!

Talking of sharpies, try this metallic Sharpie! After all, what can be more elegant than a black and gold combination?

19. Try the copper leaf

If you are not very good at drawing on your nails, just cut a shape out of a copper leaf and stick it onto your nail!

20. Polka dots

A bobby pin is a super cool tool to get the polka dot look! Try that out.

21. Take care of your Cuticle

Follow these steps to take care of your cuticles: