Soft pink lips are just 7 days away!

Are you fed up of your dull, dark and chapped lips? Well, Good quality lip balms are an effective way of healing dry and chapped lips. They contain waxes and oils for moisturizing lips, menthol or camphor to soothe rawness and stinging and allantoin or aloe to speed up healing. But these home remedies are as good as any of those expensive lip balms which you wish to buy. Have a look at them to get pink, soft and glossy lips in just 7 days!! Plus, these are totally natural and involve no chemicals!!


These home remedies will work wonders on your lips!


The skin on our lips is the most sensitive. It is so thin that it gets cracked easily. Even expensive lipsticks will not look good on you if you have dry and chapped lips. You need to take proper care of your lips and these remedies will help you to do just that!

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So, follow this remedy and heal your lips in no time!

Lips have no protection of their own. They lack the ability to create the sun-filtering natural melanin. So, sun-rays can cause them much damage. They also have a lesser amount of oil glands and thus are prone to becoming dry easily. So, in both summers and winters, there are equal chances of our lips becoming dull dry and dark.

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