Seven Symptoms Which States That You Eat A Lot Salt In A Day

Signs you eat too much salt-You need to take care of your health always. You should intake only one tablespoon of sodium in a day. The one tablespoon includes 2300 milligrams of sodium in it. But according to the recent searches made, the people of sharp time intake of about one and one-third spoon of a spoon in one day. It includes 3400 milligrams of salt. Excess of the salt can increase the health problems and also cause hypernatremia.

But today we bring you to take care of your health by knowing how much salt you eat in a day.

Signs you eat too much salt


signs you eat too much salt


Your feet get swollen when you eat a lot of salt. The rings of feet seem tight to you, and when you wake in the morning, you feel to have the puffy eyes with you. The symptoms are giving the sign of having too much amount of salt. Your body will start holding an extra amount of water, and in this case, high salt intake is also called oedema and you should get it treated as soon as possible.

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Excessive thirst

Sodium present in the salt has the properties for balancing your body. When you intake a lot of salt in your body, then you should drink a lot of fluid to restore your body. With this, your muscles and the other body parts will operate adequately. In this way, you can correct the sodium-water ratio in your body. And drinking a lot of water is the best way you can get things better for you can get back to normal things. But when you drink excess water, then you can also get rid of cells, and so you should drink the required water.

Changes in urination

According to the rules, when sodium builds up in your body, then you will have to face severe changes in your urination. The changes can occur due to two reason which can give rise to many other health problems like Fluid loss ad the kidney disease. So you need to remove the extra amount of salt from your body. It also makes the adverse kidney disease, and hence it makes urination very frequent. With this, it appears wholly transparent or clear. It can also lead to dehydration in our body. When there is a lot of water loss than the urination decreases, and then body urine becomes more yellow and thick.

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Achy bones

Your sturdy skeleton is in high danger of the salt intake. When you take a lot salt, then your kidney will not be able to function correctly and flush out your waste and toxic fluids from your body. And we face the loss of calcium from our collection. If there is calcium loss, then it can further lead to the weak bones, problems in your teeth, and can also develop the osteoporosis.

Muscle cramps

Your muscles remain contracted with the balance of sodium and potassium in your body. Both the elements are essential for our organisation but in the right amount. But if you will overuse the salt shaker, then it becomes harmful for us. Stop overconsuming the salty food as it can bring cramps and tightness or even pain in your muscles.

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Persistent headaches

When you take a lot of sodium, then it can increase the volume of your blood in your body. And it takes a lot of space in your blood vessels. It can also cause high blood pressure also we can say hypertension and can also trigger the severe headaches. So you should take care of your health while eating something in the right amount. Do not overeat of the salt which is not at all suitable for your health. It can lead to high kidney diseases.

Cognitive problems

Hypertension can also damage our arteries which have the direct connection with your brain. It can also affect our ability power to think upon and also can change your concentration level. It has the direct link with the mind, and our brain is the most sensitive part. So it is best if we always take care of ourselves with such problems.