Reverse winged eyeliner tutorial!

Do you wish to look stunning? This reverse winged eyeliner tutorial will help you to do just that! This involves heavily lined lower lashes which looks good on many girls! It gives an edginess and also makes you stand out of the crowd! So let’s start getting you ready to make jaws drop!


1. Applying base is the first step!

Applying a base is of utmost importance. You may use a concealer, a primer of the foundation.


2. Use a brush to apply bronzer on the upper lid.

3. Line your lower lashes using an eyeliner

Make sure to stroke it using clean upward strokes!

4. Fill your inner lashes well using a thin brush or eyeliner!



5. Lastly, you can fill the inner lashes of your upper eyelash for a more defined look!

Your look is complete! You’re now ready to shine out!

Step by step winged eyeliner tutorial.