Home Remedies To Straighten Your Hair At Home

Remedies to straighten your hair-Who does not like the straight hair? If we ask this question, we will find that almost every girl with the straight hair. Even straight hair is the choice of boys too as we can say that most of the boys like to have straight hair.

Now, when everybody likes the straight hair, so it is very natural that they make efforts to make their straight but sometimes their efforts seem very painful as their hair texture is ruined due to chemical side effects.

No worries, if you want to straighten your hair, we will tell you the best pieces of advice. We will present some home ingredients which will help you to get the straight hair.


Best remedies to straighten your hair

  • Solution number one

Home Remedies To Straighten Your Hair At Home

You can use coconut oil and lemon as a hair straightening cream. Take five tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice together. Mix them properly and apply to your hair.

  • Solution number two

Take one tablespoon of castor oil and one tablespoon of coconut oil and mix them. Heat this mixture and apply this to your hair.

  • Solution number three

This is the milk solution. Take half cup of milk and pipit this in a spray bottle. Now spray your hair with this. This will control hair from getting frizzy.

  • Solution number four

This is the egg solution. Take three tablespoons of olive oil and two eggs together. Make a paste and apply this to your hair.

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  • Solution number five

Take one tablespoon of honey and half cup of milk and mix them. This helps you to straighten your hair perfectly.

  • Solution number six

If your hair is curly but clean, you can apply apple cider vinegar to your hair but do not rinse if this remedy.

  • Solution number seven

Take five tablespoons of rice flour and two tablespoons of egg white and apply this to your hair. This will not only straighten your hair but also repair your damaged hair.

  • Solution number eight

You can straighten your hair with the banana and papaya. Peel both the ingredients and grind them. Apply to your hair and then wash with the normal water after some time.

  • Solution number nine

Mix aloe vera gel and coconut oil and apply this solution to your hair. Wash your hair after 20 minutes with the normal water. This gives an awesome smooth straight texture to your hair.

  • Solution number ten

Take two bananas, two tablespoons of curd, two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of honey together and make a paste. If your hair is most curly, definitely you are going to have an excellent effect.

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