Perfectly winged eyeliner makeup tutorial!!

Bold eye makeup is a style and fashion statement in today’s world. Every woman is going in for bold eye makeup. And, applying winged eyeliner is a part of that. While many women wish to get the perfectly winged eyeliner, only a few have mastered the art of using it correctly.

If you too are finding it difficult to get your eyeliner perfectly winged, here’s a step by step guide for you. Go ahead and wing it on!


Step 1

The first step is to apply primer at the base of eyeshadow area.


Step 2

Using a thick pencil, apply eyeliner above your lashes. Don’t use a thin one as it will not give you a bolder look.


Step 3

Now, draw a leaf-like shape between your lashes and the eyeshadow area.


Step 4

Fill in the leaf using your eyeliner.


Step 5

Complete your look by applying eyeliner to your lower lashes and covering them using mascara. You can also use some glitter to enhance your look even more.

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Take a look at the video for better understanding: