Mysterious events in the history that still are a food for thought.

1.Found after a whopping 2,000 years after her death, one of the world’s well-preserved ancient human body was buried in a strange, uncanny liquid substance that scientists still can’t figure out.

Lady Dais well preserved mummy

The image presents the last remnants of Lady Dais of the Han Dynasty, which is China’s eternal mummy.

2. Scientists are still figuring out the cause of different human blood types.

Karl Landsteiner, in the 20th century, discovered several human blood types, and that certain kinds cannot mix. There are many discourses on how we came to have these categories, but the central question of why humans have different blood types at all remains unanswered.

3. Massive vowel shift

Linguistically, there was an excellent vowel transition for some unknown reason during the Middle Ages. The British speakers of English transformed virtually all vowel pronunciations over a short span of 1-2 generations which to date is an incredible cultural mystery.


4. Cooper’s Uninvited Guest

Early in the 1950’s, there was a family from Texas known as the Coopers who moved to a new place that had been vacant for some time. As they settled in there, they took a family photograph that was later produced, what ignited the horror was that the picture consisted of a body tumbling upside down from the roof.

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As further studies on this story have brought us no conceivable clarification, there exist a lot of hypotheses and speculation; including one that believes that the shadow is the apparition of the past proprietor of the estate.

The Babushka Lady


The following was an incident when President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas Dealey Plaza in 1963; a woman appeared to be documenting the whole event- potentially with a camera- while other people ran for cover. Following the photos, the FBI began a search for the woman, but that went futile.

Although in 1970, a woman called Beverly Oliver allegedly came forward to the conspiracy theorist Gary Shaw, admitted to being the Babushka lady.

However, after the revelation, she was met with trepidation when she claimed that she recorded the events on a Yashica Super-8 camera- even though the said model hadn’t come into circulation in the market until 1968.

The intruder in the family

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.

It was just another day in the countryside for the family consisting of Jim Templeton and his wife and daughter as they organized a luncheon on Burgh Marsh, and many lovely photographs were clicked. A few days later, Jim decided to get the photos developed. But that’s when the story got nasty.

Stupefied and stunned by the spaceman-like specter in the background, he asked Kodak company for answers and explanations. But even to this day, Kodak stands by the fact that the photo showed no signs of tampering while Jim and his wife stuck to the fact that no other person was present when the photo was captured.Pretty terrifying?eh!

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The Ghost of Freddy Jackson

 This is a real photo that cannot be explained.


This is a photograph taken during the World War 1. If you look at at the last row and focus on the fourth man to the left, you’ll find the image of WW1 RAF squadron pilot Freddy Jackson. While that may seem normal to you, consider the fact that he died before the picture, now that is certainly scary. And if that wasn’t enough, The terrifying part? His funeral was held that same day when the photo a captured.

 9/11 Suspicious Attack Survivor

9/11 may still be considered as the most notorious attacks of all time.The photo here depicts a lady standing on the edge of the dilapidated South Tower as it was hit by a plane in the infamous 9/11 deplorable terrorist attack. Waving and likely signaling for help, the lady survived the underlying attack, yet it is quite mysterious how she made it.

Strange Demise of Elisa Lam

An unpleasant story that recounts the demise of Elisa Lam in Los Angeles has been a secret since it occurred in 2013. Lam was a young student who was apparently found dead in a water tank at a hotel named hotel Cecil where she was residing.

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Her disappearance was widely reported; compelling interest from various places, five days before her body’s discovery.This was when the police department released a video of the last time she was seen alive, on the day of her disappearance, recorded by the CCTV. In the footage, Lam is seen exiting and re-entering the elevator. The video spread like wildfire, with many viewers reporting that they found it uncanny. Explanations ranged from claims of paranormal activity or supernatural involvement to bipolar disorder.

The circumstances of Lam’s death raised many questions and remains a mystery. The case was also referenced in international popular culture.

The backseat driver

This is a real photo that cannot be explained.


This isn’t any old backseat driver.  The story goes as such that in 1959 the man who is seen driving in this picture was visiting his mother’s grave when his wife decided to get out and take a picture of her husband. But it’s the mysterious man in the back that caught her attention.


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