Most useful clothing hacks of all times.

No matter how hard you try, there are still some mistakes you tend to make. If you’ve made mistakes like spilled red wine or coffee on your clothes and you have no idea how to get rid of the stain, We’re here to help you. We are going to introduce some of the clothing hacks to you which will make your life a lot more easier. So, let’s start.

1.Get your own crochet lace.


Try this hack if you love crochet laces and want to look trendy.

2. Color tough bleach stains.

Color your tough stains using a sharpie. Isn’t it the best hack ever??

3. Find out whether jeans will fit you or not using this easy trick.

If you always feel irritated or lazy to try on new jeans, we’ll make your work a lot more easier. Just wrap the belt of the jeans around your neck, and you’ll be able to judge whether it’s of your size or not. If both the ends of the belt meet perfectly, then the jeans will fit you well. Whereas, if you are not able to close the buttons or the ends do not meet, The jeans will be too tight for you and you will need to try on another size.

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4. Make your stressed denim hotter!

You can try wearing laced tights underneath your stressed denim for a hotter look.

5. DIY Draped skirt

You can turn your long piece of fabric into a hot draped skirt in the above manner.

6. Bring back your clothes to life using baby wipes.

You can get rid of sweat stains with the help of baby wipes. Your clothes will be next to new again.

7. Use clear polish over button stitches.

8. Get rid of lipstick stains.

If you want to remove lipstick stains from your clothes, Spray them with some hairspray and keep aside for a couple of hours. After that, wash them thoroughly.

9. Clean your leather boots.

First of all, wipe them with cleanser and heated water. Later on, mix one part vinegar with one part water and spray over your boots. Wipe this using a clean fabric. Finally, apply conditioner and shower a waterproof mixture over them.

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10. Remove lint from your sweaters.

Get rid of lint on your sweater using a razor. Run razor where ever you spot lint. After you’re done, swipe the lint roller over your sweater.

11. The correct way to wear pants and boots together.

The right way to wear your boots with jeans is to tuck your jeans into your boots. However, you can experiment this time by not tucking your jeans in to stand out of the crowd.

12. Iron your shirt’s collar easily.

If you’re in a hurry, iron the collars of your shirt using a hair straightener.

13. Make your own cool tank tops!!

If you have a habit of giving away your old tops because you’re bored of wearing them, save them for something cool which we’re about to tell you. You can make your own tank tops using your old tee-shirts. You’ll just require a tank top that fits you perfectly. With the help of your tank top, outline the neckline and the strap breadth with a marker. Cut your top along these lines which you just drew. You can use two cutouts to tie the straps of your top. Twist them together so that it becomes perfect for you.

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14. Remove the stink from your jeans using vodka.

Combine one shot of vodka with three droplets of fundamental oil and some lukewarm water. Store this in a clean spray bottle. Use this mixture on your jeans at night and see the odor magically disappearing in the morning.


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