Meet The Bold Person On The Earth- Rowdy Burton The Man With Only Half Body

Man with half a body-Well, we know that we good at playing, dancing, walking, moving, and perform many other activities in a short interval of time but then also we lose hope of doing some jobs. Have you ever thought of some people who are a handicap but still never forget the confidence and keep on working all the day? If no, then I think you must visit some of them to ask them about their life and let your inner spirit rise to tell you what you are lacking is your self-confidence in yourself. The thing we would like to say is that to be confident to do work.

Let us give you an example one such person who will be the best example for your set up and be happy with what you are having. The man is Rowdy Burton who is 30 years old and is a handicap but knows how to live with the grace.

Man with half a body

man with half a body


Rowdy was born with the disorder in his lower spinal bone. And thus since then, he is suffering from Sacral Agenesis. At the age of three years, both of his legs got amputated, and the doctors were using the pins so that they can stop his growing bones.

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Rowdy is the resident of Alabama. According to the research of the doctors, it is evident that the disease from which Rowdy is suffering is sporadic. There are only a few cases when a person suffers from the abnormal development of the lower spine. If we search for 25,000 live births, then we will get to see one person with this disorder.

Burton never lost hope whether he is suffering from the high disease. He always keeps the smile on his face. Rowdy has been carving an extraordinary life for himself among all the people and the world. He is setting the best example for other people to always keep a smile on their face no matter what are the conditions around you.

Life extraordinaire

During his amputation, Rowdy had to deal with the number of problems. Let us know what his views were.

Once Burton told Barcroft Television, “I was born with Sacral Agenesis, and I honestly did not know much about my problem, until I became an adult and I always just classed myself as a guy with no legs, and my legs had to be amputated. It was because I had continued to grow and let them develop. I would have just been carrying dead weight, and since they did not bend in the right either, it would have been difficult for me to use a wheelchair or crutches.”

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But after that Rowdy decided that he will never lose the hope and move on in his life to enjoy till the end. He got determined to live a joyful life rather than making others feel sad for him. He wants to be an independent man. He continued by playing different outdoor games with his friends like table tennis, skateboard, etc.

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Our world is in search of men like him. Burton also told “I walk around with the help of my hands, but then sometimes I used a skateboard because that is easy to pull in and out of a car for example. I love to play tennis as well as a group of people. It is like adapted tennis where I  used to go and have fun.”

The silver lining in the cloud

But now the matter is to think what others feel about him today. But let us tell you that Burton has faced bullying in his childhood and it is the reason why he did not care what people want to say about him. He keeps on doing his job correctly. He is a very calm person.

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Burton continued to say that “I was bullied as a kid on several occasions. All the way up to the 10th grade by some people. But then once I got into high school, everyone got a little bit more mature. I usually did not have to worry about it.