Make your nose appear thinner using these easy techniques.

If you want to change the shape of your body, there’s exercise. If you want to increase your height, there’s exercise. But what if you wanted to change the shape of your nose? How would you do that? It’s pretty easy.

Many women who are insecure about the shape of their nose, go in for cosmetic surgery to reshape it. But, how confident are you to have a nose job done? Not quite enough!

So, let me tell you, there are a few tips and tricks which you can apply to give the desired shape to your nose. Have a look at the following techniques:

1. Contouring your nose.

Contouring is a trending technique to redefine your nose shape. You can make your nose appear lean by using foundation and contouring kit. Pick a darker shade of foundation and highlight your bones. For reference regarding the shades to be used, see the above picture and go ahead.

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2. Go for a darker foundation on your nose.

If you feel that your nose is way too long, Apply a dark shade of foundation on the tip and below the tip of your nose. This will make it look shorter. But if you already have a short nose, then you need to blend in the dark foundation to make it look longer.

3. Draw people’s attention towards your lips instead.

If you are insecure about your nose, you can always draw people’s attention to other features of your face like your lips. Use some bold color like bold pink, red, purple, dark brown, etc., to draw attention to your lips.!

4. Use a highlighter to highlight the middle part of your nose.

After you’ve contoured your nose, Apply a highlighter in the middle part of your nose. Avoid using an old brush to do that and always use a clean one. If you have wider nostrils, you can apply the highlighter to the tip and the sides of your nose. This will make your nose look slimmer.

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5. Avoid wearing specs. Use contact lens instead.

If you have a wide nose, go for contact lenses instead of specs. Specs make your nose look even wider.

6. Make crooked nose appear straight using shadow.

Brush down the sides of your nose, if you have a crooked one. Correct the small flaws of your nose using foundation and highlighter. Use foundation to soften harsh lines.

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