Make your makeup look more natural using these classic tips.

Follow these brilliant tips to make your makeup look more fresh and natural.

1. Wash your face with cleanser.

You should clean your face thoroughly before starting. Use a mild cleanser to clean your face and get rid of all the dirt, bacteria or any makeup residue. Don’t scrub too hard while washing your face as this may damage your skin.


2. Go for matte makeup.

Too glossy or too shimmery makeup makes your face look very unnatural. So, go for a matte look if you want to look more natural. Be extra careful while doing your lips.

3. Use a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation.

If you do not wish to hide all the imperfections of your face but only some, try using a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. This will provide you a natural look without making your face look cakey.

4. Go for waves!

Wavy hair adds to the beauty of your face making it appear natural. After washing your hair,  spray a little amount of sea salt and let your hair dry naturally. You’ll get gorgeous waves.

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5. Don’t forget to smudge your eyeliner a little.

Use a pencil eyeliner to line your upper lash line and then smudge it a little bit for a more natural look. Don’t skip this part.

6. Say yes to brown mascara.

If you’re using a black mascara, try replacing it with a brown one.