Make your hair appear thicker using these tricks!

Hair makes your face look beautiful. Nothing in the world compares to having thick and gorgeous hair.

But, many girls are facing the problem of hair fall due to factors like aging, pollution, lack of nutrition, etc. But don’t worry, we are here to tell you some tricks that will help to prevent hair fall and will make your hair look more voluminous.


1. This tip is very important! You should comb your hair only when they are completely dry. Combing wet hair will result in hair fall and hair damage. Let your hair dry naturally and avoid using a hairdryer.

2. Use this trick to make your ponytail appear fuller.

3. You can even use this two ponytails trick to do that.

4. Make your hair look voluminous after a shower.

To make your hair look thicker after a shower,  roll your damp hair into two parts and then use hairspray and blow dryer.

5. Make use of dry shampoo and hairspray on your roots to fix flattened hair.

6. To make your braid look thicker, Pull out some strands from it to loosen it up. This will make it look thick

7. You can make use of a blowdryer on some special occasions to make your hair voluminous.

8. You can make your hair denser by adding hairspray.

Perplexing ingrown toenails? Don't worry!