The Illustration Showing Difference Between Love And Lust

Love vs lust illustrations-It has rightly said that lust turns to love when it is the time for sacrifice. Both the words are widely apart from each other, though the intensity of both the emotions is similar.

We speak that love, at first sight, is beautiful, but actually, it is not the love, it is lust at first sight. Love grows slowly with the passage of time from the attraction. If you say you love that girl whom you see only one time, it would mean your lust for that girl. It’s not the love. It is the lust that makes you mad.

There is a vast difference between the two emotions. Usually, people tend to mix both of these words and plays a significant role in their relationship. Karina Farek, an artist, has explained the difference between these two through her art.


Love vs lust illustrations

1. Humour

Love vs lust illustrations

In any relationship, a good laugh is very important. However, there is a difference between to laugh and to find something funny. When you enter into a new relationship, your lust makes every terrible joke a Zinger. However, afterward, every silly thing becomes hilarious when you start loving the person.

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2. Adoration

Love vs lust illustrations

When the person has a lust for his partner, his partner looks more beautiful, or we can say sexier to him in the skimpier dress. However, when the person is in love, the dresses do not matter, they look beautiful to each other in any dress they wear.

3. Dirty talk

Lust is something that drives us mad with passion. When they have lust, they are no stopping anyone who wants some. The dirty talks brief and to the point take place in between them. However, when a person is in love, he wants to spend more time with his partner before doing any nasty.

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4. Day Dreaming

When the person has a lust for his partner, it only allows his mind to imagine nasty with his partner. You daydream about the ugly that you set your mood with the cat videos. However, when a person is in love, he shares his interest with his partner to watch those cat videos.

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5. Having each other’s back

In any budding relationship, impressions are always important. However, these impressions get changes with love, and your priorities also change.

6. Impressing one another

It requires some tactics when you need to get into someone’s pants. The tactics that have been passed from generation to generation. You can give expensive gifts is one of those tactics. You only need to remember the priorities. The priorities change over time and help you to impress each other.

You would correctly understand the clear difference between love and lust. Love is more mature than lust.

An artist has not only worked upon the difference between love and lust. She has also talked about the reality of the life besides our expectations.

1. Girls night out expectations vs. reality

Girls expect to have a great night out with their friends, but in actual they can not enjoy a lot as they think. When the turn to pay bills to come, they start crying to pay many bills.

2. Sibling rivalry and love

In childhood, we do not have much understanding of power, and we scold our younger brother or sister all the time if they copy us. We do not like if anyone’s copies us. Moreover, when we grow up, we understand the relations, and we scold them if they do not learn from our mistakes.

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3. Moreover, some more rivalry

Moreover, there is also a time in the childhood when we make any mistake, and someone scolds us for it. As above, we can see how your elder sister scold if you take her crap without asking her. After the time changes, in the adulthood, your elder sister ask you to use your things and even money.

4. How beating around the bush feels like

In our real life, we delay sharing the information or some essential talks with our friends. We use to say I will tell you tomorrow in detail. However, in the movies we see, they eager to explain everything to their friends right the time because they think that the person may disappear overnight.


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