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Know how to master the art of applying the glitter nailpolish.

Hello ladies!

Don’t we all love glitter nail polish?? We definitely do! But do you know that you have been applying your favorite glitter nail polish incorrectly all this time? First of all, the whole process of applying glitter nail polish seems time-consuming and irritating. But, the outcome beats everything.

If you face the problem of patchy nail polish while applying a glitter nail polish, check this post out! Beauty blogger, Kelli Marissa has come up with a very effective way to ensure a flawless glitter finish with zero patchiness. It will be a lifesaver for all of you out there!

Just follow these easy steps!

#1 First of all, apply a clear base coat.

#2 Then use ‘liquid latex’ around the edges of your nail as shown in the picture.

#3 Third, Put some glitter nail polish on to the corner of a small sponge.

#4 PAT the glitter onto your nail using the sponge.Build it up layer by layer.

#5 Finish it up with a top coat. You’re done! Wasn’t it easy?

Watch the video tutorial here.

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