Who doesn’t want a perfect and ideal body shape? Of course all of us! But, how many of us are willing to work for it and do everything it takes to get the body which we all aspire to? Hardly a few. So, here are some simple exercises which will just consume your “9” minutes and help you achieve that body! And, 9 minutes out of 24 hours should not be a big deal when the thing is all about the perfect body shape. 


Nothing can burn your belly fat as fast as crunches can! All you need to do it just sacrifice your 9 minutes and give your whole to it. 


This is just a slight variation of the basic crunches. However, a perfect exercise to shrug off your fat and serve you with a burly physique if practised 10 minutes a day! 


This exercise is a further variation of the twisting crunch with the only difference being that you’ll have to move your legs in the same direction as that of your shoulders. It helps to evolve muscles on the sides. 

Turn That Yellow Smile White in Two Minutes