Some Incredible Sculptures That Defy The Law Of Gravity

Incredible gravity defying sculptures-All the modern versions of Greek and Roman sculptures have already come to light which is adorned with pale white marble. Some studies show that the original works contained a lot of beautiful bright colours which have unfortunately worn off with time. Modern artists also use various dazzling shapes and shades to make their works as marvellous as they can get. Today’s article will be dedicated to such outstanding sculptures which not only defy all the laws of Physics but also are beyond incredible, from all the corners of the world. All the following works are bound to make your day and leave you in awe and wonderment.

Incredible gravity defying sculptures

“Coffee Cup”, USA

Coffee Cup

You might have seen the miniature form of this type of work but have you ever laid your eyes on this wondrous sculpture?


“The Puppeteer”, UAE

Incredible gravity defying sculptures

This is a cold- cast bronze sculpture by the artist Jerzy Kedziora. Isn’t it beautiful?

“Monument to the Wind”, Chile

Okay, I want to visit this place and marvel at it while standing close to it. The beauty of this one gravity defying sculptures cannot be expressed in words.

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“A Bullet from a Shooting Star”, England

Okay, I want to know how on Earth is this sculpture still standing upright just on its tip. Physics, where you at?

“Planet”, Singapore

Oh, isn’t this so very gorgeous? Thank God for such talented artists.

“Skyhooks”, England

Again, Physics, how do you even allow this? I can spend a whole day looking at it, blown out of my mind. Wouldn’t you?

“Gymnast’, UAE

God! Did this sculpture just make your day too? The hard work that the artist may have put into this work is beyond imagination, and it looks terrific.

“Horizons”, New Zealand

Is this an actual sculpture or did someone magically drew on the sky? Looks something like Alladin’s carpet.

“Suspended”, USA

Adventure Day - Menashe Kadishman 'Suspended' -  Storm King Art Center - New Windsor NY - 2015

What the… I need to understand the laws behind this one.

“The Virgins of Apeldoorn”, Netherlands

Is it me or does this sculpture looks like something straight out of a gothic literature piece? It is beautiful and chilling at the same time. I am completely and entirely in love with this one.

“The Vaartkapoen”, Belgium

Can someone please explain the concept behind it?

“The Travelers”, France

France is the myriad of artistic sculptures, paintings and much more, so I am not at all surprised by this outstanding yet peculiar sculpture.

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“Coffee Kiss”, Hong Kong

Does this work revive mixed feelings in you too?

“Floating Stone”, Cairo

Yeah, I am going to have to do some research. This sculpture at the airport in Cairo is defying all the laws of Physics that it can.

“Nasutamanus”, Austria

This sculpture is brought into the world with the skills of a French artist, Daniel Firman which seems to be balancing just on its trunk.

“Porscheplatz”, Germany

This sculpture is created by the British artist, Gerry Judah. The three pillars stretch up to the height of twenty-four metres, and each of these pillars is crowned by a Porsche 911. Spectacular, isn’t it?

“The Force of Nature II”, Qatar

It is made out of bronze, stainless steel and aluminium and its artist are Lorenzo Quinn.

“Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together”, England

The sculptor of this perplexing work is Alex Chinneck. The British artist is known for creating some strange and beautiful works, and this falls in the same category.

So, are your eyeballs still intact in the sockets? Are you too drooling over these mind-boggling works and all you wish to do is see these in person?  I bet you do. Artists have never, in any era, failed to amaze us with their unique talents and these works are the great examples of their skills. Which were your favourite ones and I know there cannot be just one?