I Spy: 17 Mistakes You May Not Have Noticed from Your Favourite Cartoons

5. A Christmas Celebrated Before Christ?

The Flintstones depicts the life during the Stone Age period, and we can see that just by observing their way of living, their clothes and their surroundings. The Stone Age, as we all know, dates way back to the early start of civilisation, and way, way before the time of Jesus Christ. So can someone please explain this episode of the Flintstones with them celebrating Christmas; the celebration of the birth of someone who wasn’t even known yet at their time?

5. Dog Days

You know how dogs are said to be man’s best friend? Well, it turns out that they’re their own best friends, too. Take a look at Goofy, a dog, walking Pluto, who is also–you guessed it!–a dog!


6. Duck Bottom

One of the most popular cartoon figures of all time is Donald Duck in his blue sailor suit. More accurately, sailor shirt. Just a shirt. Because he doesn’t wear bottoms, and he seems completely fine with that. But take away his upper half clothing, and you’ll apparently get an embarrassed duck covering the bottom half of his body. Uhm, okay?

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