How to pull off the pink lipstick correctly!!

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How are you all lovely ladies? Today, I have brought you another interesting post, which will tell you all how to rock the pink lipsticks regardless of your skin tone. Pink is every girl’s favorite. Isn’t it? Just a hint of pink gives the girly touch to almost any outfit. Needless to say, that pink looks good on each and every girl. But do you know the right kind of pink that will compliment your skin tone in the best possible way? If you don’t, today I will tell you exactly that and also how to pull off those pink lips confidently. Though We all love experimenting with our makeup and trying out different looks for ourselves, yet we often take a step back, thinking whether or not something will look good on our skin tone. Pink is one such color that a lot of us are doubtful about. However, we must look beyond this fair-dark stereotype, and find a perfect way to embrace what we have. Nothing will look good on us unless we are confident in our own skin.

So, here is a guide on how to rock those pink lips like a Diva.

Choose the perfect pink for your skin tone

The first and the foremost step to shinning like a Diva is to find the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone.Know your skin tone well in advance so that you can proceed with choosing the right shade for yourself.
Fair skin tone – If your skin tone is pale or fair, mostly all shades will work well for you.You can rock all shades of pink. However, it would be the best if you pick up shades which are crisp in pigment and peachy in the shade. Such shades are meant to neutralize the reddish undertones in your skin. Go for shades like pale pink, sandy pink, or peachy pink to look the best.
Medium skin tone – If your skin tone is medium or olive based, again, almost all shades will look gorgeous on you. But it would be better to avoid bluish undertones and to go for warmer watermelon pink shades. The best for you would be medium pink, rosy pink or fuchsia shades.
Deeper skin tone – The dark-skinned beauties should go for deep and warm shades of pink which are more towards the red and fuchsia family of colors. Choose those colors which have purple toned pink in them. The best-suited ones for you would be dark pink, cranberry, and deep berry.

Wear pink with nude eyes

The nude eyes–pink lips combination is unmatched. Nothing can go wrong if you choose this combination. As a matter of fact, in a tropical climate like ours, dewy fresh makeup with subtle pink lips and nude eyes can be your go-to look for college or a day out with friends. But, always remember: do your base makeup very well without any deformities, add some sparkle to your eyes, and wear a shade of pink that matches your skin tone the best.

Gloss it up

This trend is particularly embraced by young girls all over the world. If matte lipsticks aren’t your thing and they make your lips dry and chapped, then try a fun, fashionable and flirty look with glossy pink lips. Bollywood and Hollywood divas are seen rocking this look for red carpet events and so can you. Use some mascara on your eyelashes and keep your hair wavy and loose, to turn yourself into a diva in just a few minutes.

Pair it up with a winged liner

This look is suitable for the occasions where you don’t want to look too boring or too over the top. The pink lips and winged eyeliner combination give just the right amount of balance to your face. It is the perfect blend of feminine and sexy. Choose the right subtle shade of pink and rock this look like Cara Delevingne and all the world’s top runway models.

Get the ombre look.

If you are doubtful as to whether the dark shade or the light shade will look better on you, go for both at the same time! Yes! You heard it right.Not only will it solve your problem of choosing, but also you will have your makeup game on point with ombre pink lips. For this look, line your lips with a darker color and start going lighter towards the center of your lips. Blend in the colors very well to avoid harsh lines. The perfect pout can be yours in a couple of minutes.

Smokey eyes paired with subtle lips

This one is for the girls who are desiring a bolder look without going too over the board on the lips.You can very well get the look of your dreams by smoking up those sexy eyes and pairing them with a subtle, peachy shade of pink on your lips. You can rock this look in any party.

Pink eyes and pink lips

How much pink is too much pink? Let me tell you when it comes to pink; no amount is enough to call it too much. If you wish to have a cute chic look, you can pair pink eyeshadow with pink lipstick. Make sure to keep the eyeshadow dark and lipstick subtle. Or if you wish, you can also use the same shade on both your eyes and on your lips. Your final look will definitely make all heads turn towards you.

Full face in pink undertones

If you’re doing a heavy full face makeup, try to keep the tones in the same color family. That means choose those products that belong to the same color family. Go for highlighter, blush lips and eyes in pink undertones.  This will add up a glamour quotient to your overall look.




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