How To Keep Your Hair Always Healthy

Best ways to keep your hair healthy-Most women worry about keeping their hair beautiful since it is one of our physical attractions. However, sometimes we do some things that are not so healthy and that directly influence to its deterioration.

The constant use of heat elements, the chemicals and the prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun are some of the things with which we negatively affect our capillary health.

Luckily, it is never too late to make up the damage and we can adopt a series of habits that allow us to keep it shinny and without imperfections. Are you interested in knowing them?


How to keep your hair healthy?

1. Use only the necessary amount of shampoo

Keep your hair healthy

Avoid using excessive shampoo when you wash your hair regularly. Although this is suitable for removing dirt, a portion the size of a spoonful is more than enough.

Excessive application of this product causes inflammation in the hair follicle and makes the hair look dull.

2. Wash well the conditioner or the hair mask

After applying the conditioner or a nourishing mask, wash all the waste well to avoid excess fat production and other alterations.

Remember that if you tend to produce too much sebum, you should only use this product from the middle to the ends.

3. Brush it several times a day

If you want to promote the growth of your hair and give it shine, brush it between two and three times a day to stimulate blood circulation.

This facilitates the oxygenation of the cells and favors the restoration of battered and opaque hair.

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4. Use white vinegar

A quick and effective solution to recover the shine of your hair is by rubbing a good amount of white vinegar.

This natural product restores the natural pH of the scalp and helps reduce the presence of fungi that cause dandruff.

5. An avocado mask

The avocado is one of the organic products that bring more benefits to your hair when you apply it as a mask.

This contains essential fatty acids and proteins that restore the capillary structure to fight the weakening and the fall.

You can use only your pulp, or mix it with honey, coconut oil or other additional product.

6. Use egg as shampoo

If no commercial shampoo has met your expectations, replace it with a pair of egg whites.

Although it seems incredible, this ingredient cleanses in depth, restores damaged hair and provides hydration without weakening it.

7. Cut the tips

Although there are many treatments to restore the damaged tips, it is best to try to cut them once every two months to promote hair strengthening.

A haircut is an effective solution against dryness and is the most effective way to stimulate the oxygenation of the hair.

8. Protect it from the sun

As with the skin, prolonged exposure to the sun weakens the hair and influences problems such as falling and breaking.

To protect it, you can give it a nutritious treatment once a week, or you can buy styling creams with sunscreen. If you hair extensions made of remy human hair extension or another type of hair, you should especially follow this rule since the sun can be very aggressive to hair extensions.

9. Avoid salt shampoo

Salt is one of the shampoo compounds that cause the most damage to natural hair fibers. If you can not get one that does not contain it, choose one made with 100% natural ingredients. When having hair extensions, this could be a problem too. If you can, buy wholesale virgin hair and 360 lace frontal hair to keep a stash.

10. Avoid stress

If, for work or study reasons, you frequently submit to stressful situations, try to learn some relaxation technique that helps you mitigate its effects.

This psychological disorder has a physical impact on capillary health and is directly related to the increase of its fall.

11. Drink more water

Just as water plays a vital role in the health of the vital organs of the body, so it is for capillary beauty.

Its daily consumption helps to hydrate naturally the hair, preventing dryness and weakening.

Keep in mind all these tips in your daily beauty routine and get a beautiful hair without having to spend on expensive repair products.