Master the art of drawing thick cat-eye eyeliner.

Best ways to draw thick cat eyeliner-The cat eyeliner looks dramatic and bold. But, perfecting the art of drawing the cat eyeliner is not a walk in the park. It needs a lot of practice to get those perfect wings and to even out the eyeliner in both the eyes. These easy steps might help you to do just that. Have a look.

Best ways to draw thick cat eyeliner

How to draw thick cat eyelinerFirst of all, wash your face using a mild cleanser to get rid of all the dirt and oil on your face and eyes.

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Next up is applying a primer on your eyelids as a base.

Now comes the real trick.  Draw Liner Little Above Lash Line.

Choose any type of eyeliner (Liquid eyeliner is however preferable) draw a line somewhat above from the upper lash line. After you’ve obtained the perfect outline, fill in the gap.

Here’s a pro tip. To keep your hands stable, keep your hand on the cheek to take support.

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Now, it’s time to wing it out.!

If you’re not an expert at this, make use of a scotch tape.

Finish your look with mascara for voluminous and fuller lashes.!