How to do manicure at home

Nail art, nail paint, nail decoration etc are the beauty showing contents for the women. They love to decorate their nails so that their hands may look beautiful but what if they do not have a proper manicure?

We know that parlors guarantee the beauty treatment but their expenses are not easily affordable for every woman. Now, what should they do? Although women can be shown many options like they may be advised to have their beauty treatment in such parlor which is not so costly but the point is that will they get their desire in such kinds of parlors? Obviously, money regulates the standard of their beauty but they should not disappoint because we have a perfect solution for them. They need to go with it and guaranteed they would have such satisfaction which they would never have seen. We will tell our lovely ladies about the easy method of the manicure at the home. Let’s check the recipe.

  • Nail cutting

You need nail polish remover, nail file and nail clippers for this step.

What you have to do-

  1. Take lukewarm water in a bowl and dip your nails in that for 2-3 minutes.
  2. After that, take your nail paint remover and remove your previous coat of nail polish with the cotton swab or any soft cotton cloth.
  3. Third thing, you have to cut your nails. You do not need to shorten your nails but you can just give a proper shape.
  4. If you want to give a smooth shape to the edges of nails, you should use a buffer.
  5. If you want to apply nail pain, do not smoothed your nails very much otherwise nail pain would not be able to stick properly on your nails.
  • Soaking and Scrubbing of your hands

You will be needed scrub, face cleaner, and water.

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What you have to do-

  1. You need warm water. Take water in a big saucepan and put that on the heat. Do not remove the saucepan from the volume of heat until it starts boiling.
  2. Mix a few tablespoons of face cleaner in the warm water. Do not use soap because it can dry your hands.
  3. Dip your hands and nails in the water for about five minutes but before that, check properly if the temperature of the water is according to your skin comfort or not. Do not dip your hands directly in the warm water without checking otherwise your skin can be harmed.
  4. After that scrub your hands and nails smoothly with a soft scrub. Make sure that you are using a hard scrub.
  5. You have to remove the dead cells from your nails so you can use a brush for this procedure.
  • Clean and trim the cuticle

You need cuticle remover and cuticle pusher.

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What you have to do-

  1. Take a little amount of cuticle and apply on your baseline of nails and leave that for five minutes. This is how you can remove the cuticle.
  2. After that, push your cuticle gently with the cuticle pusher. You are needed to keep on thing in your mind while pushing your cuticle that cuticles are very soft and if you use much power, it can be torn and this will affect the growth of your nails.
  3. Use a nipper and smoothly remove the edges of nails.
  4. After these things, wash your hands with the skin-friendly lukewarm water and let it be dried with the towel.
  • Moisturising the hands

You need a suitable moisturizer for your skin.

What you have to do-

  1. Take a proper amount of moisturizer and apply that to your nails and hands.
  2. Smoothly massage your nails and cuticles with the moisturizer.
  3. Moisturiser gives a hydration to our nails and hands.
  • Decoration

This is the final step of your manicure. You need nail polish to complete this one.

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What you have to do-

  1. Try to remove the cream from your nails and hands. For this dip your hands in the normal water.
  2. After that, you have to apply a nail foundation or you can apply transparent nail polish to your nails and leave it to dry.
  3. After your base coat is dry, apply your favorite color of nail polish to your nails and leave to let it be dried.
  4. Once it is dried, apply the transparent nail paint again for giving some shine to your nail polish.

These are the simple steps of manicure that you can do at home. Now the ladies are no more needed to get stressed about the expenses of their beauty treatment in the beauty parlors because they can cure their beauty at home easily. All they had needed was a proper solution and we hope that our ladies would be provided the expected benefits from this article as we tried our best to provide the perfect and easy solution. We are always there to help you in the best manner. Do let us know your views in the comment box.