How to detect a liar-We’ve grown up learning this basic etiquette -Honesty is the best policy. However, life throws people into a situation where they have to lie to save themselves from further harm!

How to detect a liar

How to detect a liar

And, when they lie, their body language tends to change which makes it easier for the people to detect if the person is lying. However, they may not be cent per cent accurate.


Have a look at these simple tricks which will help you to detect if a person is lying or not.


When you are caught up in a conversation with a person who is lying, there are chances that their breathing pattern might change to an extent. It is because their body perceives itself to be in stress leading to the activation of the flight or fight mechanism. The release of adrenaline causes us to sweat, and this accelerates the rate of respiration in the person. He or she might not establish an eye contact due to the fear of getting spotted.


When a person is lying, there is a sense of commotion within him which makes him budge from here and there. But, there are chances that he might not move at all. It is, however, a more prominent sign that a person is lying.

Because, a person, when in stress, has two options – either to fight with it or to fly from it. If the person opts to combat the situation, then he might be determined to face the situation and win over it by adapting to a rigid posture and endure the coming stress.

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Notice if the person can answer the question in a  “yes” or “no”. But, if a person is making use of a plethora of  ” well“, ” actually”, ” the thing is” etc. and trying to buy unnecessary time, there are chances that the person is lying. Another way to catch a liar is to ask them several questions which they wouldn’t have expected you to ask them and then, ponder over their answers. It is because, if you ask them the issues which they would’ve expected you to ask them, it would be hard for you make out if they are lying because they would have already prepared the answers.


Once you start shooting questions at the person, he or she might begin giving useless explanations. They’ll attempt to provide an elaborated answer not to satisfy your question but to justify their actions and convince themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong.


Another way to locate if a person is lying is to notice their hand movements. It is sure that their body will reveal signs of vulnerability if their concocted story is not in synchronisation with their body and mind. And, they’ll start placing their hands on their ears, neck and every other part of the face.


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