How to be fashionable ladies

How to be fashionable ladies? As a woman enters the age of 40 or somewhat near, society’s perception regarding her fashion sense changes. Some unique dresses that they think cant wear any more whether it is beautiful go merely to the dustbin. But why? Rules are made to be broken; let’s break this fashion rule set by the society for you 40 beauties.

How to be fashionable ladies

How to be fashionable ladies

Rule no.1 to be broken: Cut your hair short.

You should decide the length of the hair. The main motto is healthy hair. And if for any reason having long natural hair is impossible, ways are there for hair extensions.

Rule no.2 to be broken: Keep your legs covered.

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Why hide your legs if they are well toned? Show them off flawlessly whenever you get a chance. If you want to be more tasteful, the skirt should be no shorter than five inches above the knee, and the but should be covered by at least three inches.

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Rule no.3 to be broken: Wear all black.Credit: Freepik

Black is elegant, but to keep your mind healthy, revitalise your look go for natural colours and stuff them into your cupboard.

Rule no.4 to be broken: Don’t go sleeveless.

It is secret that women love to show off their beautiful arms. Don’t hide them and show them off with so many options nowadays like off-shoulders and all. They are way too attractive.

Rule no.5 to be broken: Go for only loose fitting clothes.

Do you want to look like a hot-air balloon? I don’t think so. The primary intention is to wear proper clothes; those fit correctly neither too tight nor too loose. Is there any problem if you have a creative mind of a seamstress. I don’t think so.

Rule no.6 to be broken: Skip ripped jeans.

Avoid ripped jeans only when the threads are too much ripped that they cant be worn. If you have a good pair of ripped jeans, putting them on with low shoes will look good.

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Rule no.7 to be broken: Avoid over-the-knee boots.Credit: Freepik

Why? No, not at all. Over-the-knee boots and make your legs look good and long.

Rule no.8 to be broken: Don’t wear leggings or pant.

Depending on the tightness of the pants you can wear them. IT should be perfect and doesn’t look like sausage pants. They are opaque enough. You should also choose a complete and comfortable set of underwear.

Rule no.9 to be broken: Don’t bother restocking your lingerie drawer.

Men like you to see their women in the best lingerie. So ignoring the society, you should restock your lingerie drawer no matter what is your age, and what suits best on your body.

Rule no.10 to be broken: Only wear flat shoes.

Heels mean elegance, power and confidence. The work a suit does for a man heels do the same for a woman. Wear tolerable high heels especially in an important meeting or occasion.

Rule no.11 to be broken: Lose the leather.

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Leather gives the right fit. It accurately tells your size. Choose leather which is comfortable. Best occasion for leather wear is a night out.


Rule no.12 to be broken: Wear only one-piece bathing suits 

The wear in your cupboard is a bikini. It makes you feel classy and confident. Never give up wearing the bikini.