Home remedies to lighten your dark lips naturally!!

Women wish to have pink soft and glossy lips. But due to hectic schedules and the busy life they fail to take proper care of their lips and end up having dark and chapped lips. Sometimes dark lips are also a result of heredity and are generally found in people who have a darker complexion. Other contributory factors of dark lips include exposure to sun, smoking, UV rays, allergies, too much intake of coffee and hormonal imbalance.

So if you’re also facing the problem of having dark and chapped lips, here are some home remedies that will heal your lips and make them pink soft and glossy!

Magical lemon!


Lemon contains bleaching properties and helps in lightening your skin tone. Rub half a lemon over your lips before going to bed daily. This will remove the dead skin cells and will improve your lips if you follow this ritual daily.

Milk and rose petals!

To a tablespoon of milk, add a few fresh rose petals. Crush them entirely in the milk until it turns pinkish. Now apply this onto your lips and let it rest for 10 minutes. Wash your lips with lukewarm water. It will bring back the natural color of your lips!

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Apply a generous amount of honey onto your face and massage gently for 5 minutes. Wash your face after that. Honey will moisturize your lips.

Sugar and butter!

Add three spoons of sugar to two spoons of butter. Apply this on your lips and scrub your lips gently for 2 minutes. The sugar present will work as an excellent exfoliator and butter will moisturize your lips and make them glossy! Use this remedy repeatedly to get the desired results!


Beetroots have a natural property to Lighten dark lips. Their deep maroon color helps to make the lips pink again.

Pomegranate Juice!

Before going to bed, apply pomegranate juice over your lips using a cotton ball. This will reverse the discoloration of your lips and make them pink and soft.

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