Holding your fingers daily for 5 minutes can work wonders on your health.


You might be knowing that nerve endings are located in our earlobes and feet. But, they are also located in your thumbs.


Our hands have numerous active points that will help us to take control over our mind and body.

The palm

A person’s palm is responsible for emotions and feelings. Massage your palm regularly to get rid of constipation, stress, nausea, and diarrhea.

Surya mudra

Use this technique if you have a loss of appetite or any other problems with digestion or metabolism.


If you are having a headache or feeling anxious, softly clutch your thumb for five minutes and see the miracle.

Little Finger

The little finger controls a person’s self-esteem, nervousness, and stress.Give a 5-minute massage to your finger to feel good about yourself.

The Middle Finger.

Massaging your middle finger lowers your blood pressure thus helping you to calm yourselves down. If you are short tempered, do this daily.

Ring Finger

To get rid of sadness and negative emotions, clutch your ring finger for 5 minutes daily.

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Pressed Palms.

Pressed palms help you to concentrate and improve your blood circulation.


Forefingers control muscle pains and help you to take control over feelings of fear, embarrassment, and disappointment.

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