Hilarious differences between men and women!!

Men and women are poles apart in their thinking. The way they think and perceive different things are different from each other. Love combines them. It incredible to see how two completely different people can be madly in love with each other, despite their differences!

Have a look at these relatable differences between men and women and experience what I’m talking about, yourself:



Let’s start by looking at their morning routine!


Women are obsessed with themselves, while men are obsessed about women!


When it comes to having fun, Men are sophisticated while women are crazy!


And when it comes to packing for a vacation:


The sad yet hilarious truth!!


But men are also lucky sometimes!


Picking a shade is the world’s most challenging task for women!


Women always get more attention than men!

Perception and perversion

At least there’s some similarity

No explanation needed!

Again, Perception and perversion:

Emotions, emotions!

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