Hidden Properties Of Pertoleum Jelly

Apart from protecting dry skin and lip, petroleum jelly has some benefits about which most of us are unaware. It is versatile and is widely used in the household. There are many uses of Vaseline/ petroleum jelly that you might not know about, like makeup removal and stuck zipper!

Skin care

  • Soft scrub: petroleum jelly can be used as the soft scrub. Combine it with sugar, salt, and coffee to make the scrub. This scrub can be used to exfoliate the skin of face, lips, and body.
  • Baby skin care: it helps in the moisturizing newborn skin and keeps it soft. It acts as barrier against moist diapers and could be used to treat diaper rash.

Face care

  • Makeup removal: apply a thin layer of Vaseline and remove it using a cotton swab to remove the makeup. Or after applying, you can massage it using your fingers until the makeup comes off and wipe it with the tissue.
  • Lips: petroleum jelly heals chapped lips by moisturizing dry lips. Combine it with sugar and use it as a lip scrub.


  • Hair dye protection: petroleum jelly helps in protecting hair from hair dye. Apply jelly to the hairline while the applying the henna or dye.
  • Styling: use petroleum jelly with gel in a very low quantity to style your hair. Not only women but men can also use petroleum jelly to style their hair just ensure that you use petroleum jelly in the minimal amount otherwise it will make your hair oily.

Nail care

  • Shining nails: use petroleum jelly if you want to retain the natural shine of your nails. You can use either moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly to get shiny nails.
  • Cuticle care: Vaseline can be used to give your nails a quick manicure. Petroleum jelly can help in enlivening a manicure in no time by relieving dry cuticles.

Household need

  • Stuck zipper: you can use petroleum jelly to lubricate the stuck zipper and get rid of it.  Just apply some petroleum jelly over it and move it up and down slowly to spread and the zipper won’t stuck again.
  • Nail polish: use petroleum jelly to lubricate the nail polish bottle if you are irritated due to the nail polish sticking to the bottle after use.
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