Cleverly hidden features of day-to-day objects.

Hidden features of objects-You might be using the common day to day objects just to serve your purpose. But have you ever tried to look deeper into some of the features of these objects? For example,  have you ever noticed that bump at the end of your laptop charger? Or the hole that you see on your pen’s cap? Did you ever brainstorm as to why these objects are made the way that they are?

Before you try to google whatever you are thinking, let us acquaint you with the cleverly hidden features of day to day objects, topped with some original purposes. If you never thought about these before, get ready to think and find out some answers!

Hidden features of objects

Hidden features of objects


1. Bottle indents.

You might be indifferent to the bottle indents that you see at the bottom of glass bottles. But before you start to think that these are useless, let us tell you the reason. It is to prevent the bottle from breaking while opening it since high pressure has been applied while filling the liquid. If it were not these indents, the bottle would surely break!

2. iPhone hole

Now I know that many of you might know this one. But this piece of information is for those of you who have no clue that it is actually not just a hole, but it is a microphone! You, the hole which you see on your iPhone lets you record your voice easily!

3. Charger wings

Before the technicians design anything, they make sure that it is as easy for people to use as it can get. This can be understood from the fact that your iPhone charger has wings to assist you in wrapping it around in an orderly manner. Surprised, aren’t you?

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4. Bobby pins!

Ever wondered why one side of your bobby pin is wavy, while the other one is completely flat? Well here’s the answer: The curvy side of your bobby pin is made so to get a better grip over your hair and to hold it in place easily. Needless to say that the wavy side should be down towards your scalp.

5. Hole in the handle of pans.

Even the smallest of things in your day to day lives are designed to provide you utmost ease while you use them. The hole on the end of the handle of your frying pan is because it provides some rest to your working hands. Also, it can hold your spoon as shown in the picture above.

6.Holes at the side of your sneakers

One of the reasons for why there is are holes on the side of your sneakers is to provide your feet with a better ventilation. It lets air pass easily. Initially,  basketball players used to tie their laces through those holes to get a better hold over their shoes.

7. The hole at the bottom of locks

The hole that you notice at the bottom of a lock is provided so that water can drain easily through this hole. It this hole was not present, it may clog the lock and ultimately break it. It is also suggested to oil your lock through this hole to prevent it from clogging.

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8. Hole in pens’ caps

The reason behind the hole in pen’s cap might sound actually funny. It was made so to prevent deaths caused due to choking on pen caps. Yes, earlier, almost 100 people died in the US by accidentally swallowing pen’s caps. Due to this, the design of pen’s cap was changed, and now, even if you accidentally swallow it, you will not die of suffocation.

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9. Copper Rivets

These small buttons are extremely important to protect the stitching of your jeans from tearing apart when stretched. If it were not for these buttons, your jeans would not be as rough and tough as they are now.

10. The bumps on your keyboard.

Even the smallest of things such as a keyboard is very carefully designed. You might have noticed little bumps on the ‘F’ Key and the ‘J’ key. If you did not notice it earlier, go look at your keyboard, and you will find the bumps at the bottom of these two keys. This is done to ease out your the task of typing. Your left index finger is supposed to be on the ‘F’ key and the right index finger on the ‘J’ key. In this way, you would not require looking at your keyboard again and again and this, in turn, will improve your typing speed too.

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11. Small plastic lid in the soda bottle.

Did you ever notice the mini plastic lid placed on the inside of a soda bottle? It is supposed to prevent the gas in the soda from escaping out. If this cap were not present, all the gas would eventually escape, making the soda tasteless and flat.

12.The arrow on the fuel meter

You might have noticed an arrow on the fuel indicator, but you probably skipped on finding out a reason for that arrow being there. Well, you are about to find that out. The arrow simply indicates the direction in which your fuel tank is situated.If the arrow points towards the right, it simply means that the fuel tank is on the right side of the driver’s seat.

13. Bumps on your charger

The purpose of this bump on your charger is to prevent your phone from high-frequency electromagnetic interference. This bump is nothing but magnetic iron oxide.

14. The multipurpose takeaway boxes.

The takeaway boxes can actually be converted into a plate if you spread them flat. Isn’t it cool??

15. Pattern on toothpicks

Any leman will obviously think of it as the toothpick design. But it is not that. It is made in this manner so that you can break this part and keep your toothpick over it as shown in the picture, in case you want to use it again after some time. In this way, the toothpick will be free of dust and dirt present on the surface.


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