Here Are The Seven Basic Tips To Choose The Right Shade Of Lipstick

When someone talks about the makeup, lipsticks are the first thing that pops up in our minds Because a little colour on our lips changes our all over appearance. Have you seen a lip colour on Beyonce? It looks beautiful, and you would run to order it immediately. But it would not look good on you like her when you would try it. Sometimes it also happens that some lip colours become your favourite because they look good at you and some lip colours even do not get the second chance at you because you do not like them.

It happens because all have different skin tones and preferences. We determine the shape, intensity, and type of lipsticks according to the kind of skin tone that will look good on us. So let us check out that how we pick up the right colour and shade of lipstick according to our skin tones.

Firstly, determine your skin tone



It is the very first step to determine the skin tone. Usually, there are five types of skin tones, i.e. fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. The lipsticks’ shades like peach, pink, dusted nude, and red look good at the people with fair and light skin tone. People with medium skin tone mostly prefer the shades like mauve, rose, and cherry red. The people with tan and deep skin tone should opt for the muted shades like deep pink, nude, brown, deep plum, and warm caramel.



Secondly, determine your skin undertone


Here you need to define your skin undertone. There are two simple ways to assess the skin undertone. The two approaches are vein test and the jewellery test. In the vein test, take a small look at veins just below your wrist. You have cool toned skin if the colour of your veins is blue and purple. And you have warm toned skin if the colour of your veins is green. You may also have neutral skin undertone. In the jewellery test, we observe that whether gold or silver jewellery looks better on you. People with warm skin undertone look better in gold jewellery and people with cool and neutral skin undertone look better in silver jewellery.


Third, check out your lip shape


Your lips’ shape put influence on your choice of lipstick shades. Use a lip pencil if you have asymmetrical lips to correct the shape and then apply lipstick. People should apply brighter shade on the bottom lip if up upper lip is heavier and put a slightly darker shade of the same lipstick on the upper lip. And if people have more massive bottom lip then use the nude shade in the middle of the upper lip of any lipstick of their choice.

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Fourth, check out the size of your lips


Lipstick shades which you prefer should be according to the size of your lips. People with plump lips should avoid glossy texture lipsticks. People with thin lips should avert dark and flashy colours. They should opt for softer shades in a creamier texture.


Fifth, check out your hair colour


Your hair colour also plays a significant role in deciding which shade will best suit you.

  • People with red hair should prefer shades like coral and terracotta.
  • People with brown hair should prefer the shades like salmon and dusty pinks.
  • People with blond hair with fair skin should prefer the shades like scarlet and bright pink.
  • People with blond hair with tan and deep skin should prefer the shades like warm pink and caramel.
  • People with dark hair and fair skin should prefer the shades like bright pink, cherry red, and dusty peaches.
  • People with dark hair with tan and deep skin should prefer the shades like plum, burgundy, and deep raspberry.


Sixth, check out your eye colour


Your eye colour also deals with the shades of lipsticks.

  • People with grey colour eyes should prefer shades like nude and hazel.
  • People with green colour eyes should prefer shades like crimson and pink.
  • People with blue eyes should prefer shades like peachy pink and warm scarlet.
  • People with black and brown eyes should prefer shades like deep, velvet red, and warm browns.


Seventh, check out the colour of your teeth


Everyone’s teeth colour is different, and this colour plays its significant role in deciding which lipstick shade will suit you. People those have white teeth can wear mostly all the shades of lipstick, but people with slightly yellow teeth should prefer the shades like rose, orange, and pink.